Holiday Sales for the Handcrafted Artisan

Holidays Create Opportunities and Challenges

Handmade soap on display during holidays
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The weeks leading up to Black Friday and the holiday season in general were truly an exciting time. So much so i did a podcast on it. You can listen to it below.

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Opportunites Realized

  • People love sales
  • People love Bundles
  • People hate being the last to know
  • Your list comes to life during the holidays

Here is what my customers taught me for the holidays!

Holidays are not the time to try and find brand new customers. What I learned was that the people who were already familiar with my company were 4x’s more likely to make purchases and take advantage of bundles. New customers were one out of ten who placed orders and they were also the smallest orders that I received. Not to say that these small orders don’t matter, but how much of your time did you actually spend trying to get new customers to notice you. Did you forget about your existing loyal customers?

I didn’t and you know what. They came, they shopped and they brought their friends with them. I know the allure was there for many to try and get the largest sale. Try to compete with the big box stores with door buster savings for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, however this time could have been better spent nurturing your existing audience. Let me show you.

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