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Grief Therapy to Successful Business: Interview with Cynthia Hill

Cynthia Hill Podcast Interview


In this episode, we sit down with Cynthia Hill owner of Third Day Soap, Garden and Wellness, a 20-year-old business that has its roots in grief therapy. Hear how she turned her passion for traditional soap making methods into a successful business and how she used the power of mindset to overcome the challenges along the way. From unlocking her hidden skills to creating a line of all-natural, handmade soaps and herbal skincare, this maker’s story is sure to inspire and motivate. Join us as we delve into the journey of turning trials into triumph and discover the secrets to building a successful business that stands the test of time.

Cynthia found her inspiration and crafting through grief therapy. After suffering the lost of her house, her car, her job, her boyfriend and even her mother. She needed to find something to do and a way to keep her mind off of the losses she suffered.

She had a book that was sitting on the shelf by Norma Coney and taught herself how to make soap the old-fashioned way by hand stirring her soap recipes.

In this podcast episode Cyntha shares her Makers Tale of trials to triumphs in growing her business Third Day Soaps Garden and Wellness. Through encouragement of her close-knit circle and getting her degree in chemistry she decided to go into business. the rest as they say is all in the lather.

She controls her product line through the use of herbal ingredients she grows from the seed to harvest.

Some key take aways from Cynthia are:

  • Learn from people who have already done it
  • Constantly tell yourself you can do it and manifest it through what you think and say
  • Create and turn yourself into a vaccum of information

To get in touch with Cynthia visit Third Day Soaps and Garden website and social media channels at:



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