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Whether you are just getting started making soap or trying to figure out getting started online, these free resources are created to help you along the way.


Tools You Can
Use to Grow
Your Handmade Business Online

If you have a business you need to be online. Check out our tools and technology resources to get a jump start on the basics of getting set up online. Wondering how to set up a website? How to use social media for marketing? Want to go live, but not sure how? Want to set up an online store? Get answers today.

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A Word

Of Inspiration

” It is my belief that we all have the capacity to learn anything. It is my hope that you will use these free resources to explore your own version of creativity and unlock that internal spark of genius. Go head…show us what you’ve got!”

– Zakia Ringgold


Free Recipes & Tutorials

Access some of our most DIY Thursday Live Streams for Soap Making Tutorials and Natural Skincare Recipes.

Should You Start a Soap Business?

Watch this video to learn the three things you need to consider before starting a soap business.

Oat Milk and Coconut Oil Soap

Try this 100% Plant based soap recipe using homemade oat milk and coconut oil. 

Testing Fragrance Oils in Soap

Wondering how to test new fragrance oils in natural soap. This video shows an easy method to test fragrance oils.