Facebook Group to Make Your Own Melt and Pour Soap From Scratch

Ever wanted to make your own glycerin soap from scratch. In this interview SoapLadyZ sits down with the creator of the wildly popular base makers facebook group to discuss how she got started and her advice to new soap makers.

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  1. Veronica Vatter

    Miss Cleo? Is she a Soapy Psychic? Lol. Great talk!

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Lol love that

  2. Welcome's House

    Good story

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Cleo is awesome

  3. Veronica Williams

    Got to do this baby I’m making my own soap got make my grandsons.

  4. Veronica Williams

    Sound like me thank you cause I’m still learning and I’m garden God bless you..

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Keep going with your soaping journey glad this video helped ♥️

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