Everybody is NOT Your Customer – Smile that’s Great News

Handmade Soap

Like many handcrafted artisans, various vending opportunities arise for me. I carefully select vending events based on location, time of day, audience size and mix of business owners represented. I then look at the total number of people expected to attend.

Is this the best way? Maybe…Maybe not. When I go I’m ok with someone not buying handcrafted soap from me. Some people are window shoppers, others are comparison shoppers and others are buyers. The magic comes in engaging each of the approaching individuals as a new friend to share your passion with and get to know WHY they stopped by in the first place. Some may mention color, some may mention smell, some may talk about going all natural.

In these moments, I realize where their interests may lie and tailor the discussion to the products that fit based on what actually drew them in.
Now you will always have people who say I ONLY USE (insert commercial brand here). I’ve learned this is not the time or place to start a debate on natural versus commercial. I simply respond “I’m glad you have found a product that works for your skin at Natural Soap By Zakia we work very hard to formulate our products based on all natural ingredients, Do you know which ingredients you love about your favorite brand? If it’s all natural I will add that to my list for further research.  If it’s actually a chemical additive we avoid that because what you put on your skin goes into your skin afterall.

They typically don’t have an answer, some choose to try one of my natural bars and others walk away in disgust. For me it provides an opportunity to maintain my cool because my initial reaction is if you only buy XYZ why in the world would you stop here.

Bottom line

Everyone isn’t your customer…be OK with that. In fact you should celebrate it as it allows you to cultivate a laser focused picture of your true customer. With that focus you can serve them best.

Zakia with Patty Jackson of WDAS FM Radio

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