Make Professional Soap Packaging Easy with a Shrink Wrap System

The world of soap making is constantly evolving, and as a soap maker, it’s essential to stay ahead of the game. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in a high-quality shrink wrap system. In this video I demonstrate how I use the system and in this blog post we’ll be taking a closer look at the Shrink Wrap system and how it can help you streamline your soap making business.

shrink wrap system

The Shrink Wrap system I use has saved me tons of time and allowed me to get help with packaging my handmade soap. In the above video I demonstrate how I use it to wrap up to 24 bars at one time. I consider this a must-have for any soap maker looking to streamline their packaging process and create professional-looking products. This versatile shrink wrap system is designed to save time and effort, allowing you to focus on what you do best – making soap!

Zakia putting soap in shrink wrap system

Time-saving benefits of the Shrink wrap system

One of the most significant advantages of the Shrink Wrap system is the time it saves. With its easy-to-use design, you can quickly and efficiently shrink wrap your soaps, ensuring they are protected and ready for sale. This is especially beneficial for soap makers who are looking to increase their production and expand their business.

Mastering the temperature and film thickness

While the Shrink Wrap system offers many benefits, it does require some experience and practice to master the temperature and film thickness to get the best results. I have popped many sealed bags because I applied to much heat or waved the heat gun too close to the bar. It can be tricky to get the temperature right for sealing the shrink wrap, which can often cause holes that must be redone. It’s also important to note that you need to be careful with the shrink film thickness, not all films are compatible with this system. With some patience and practice, you’ll be able to produce professional-looking soaps consistently.

I recently received a new shrink tunnel that completes my sealing process and eliminates the holes.

Display professional-looking soaps

Another great feature of the Shrink Wrap system is its ability to create professional-looking packaged soaps. The system allows you to shrink wrap your soaps in a variety of sizes and shapes, ensuring a perfect fit every time. This is ideal for soap makers who want to create a polished, high-quality product that stands out on store shelves.

However, one potential drawback of this Shrink Wrap system is that it can be tricky to get the temperature right for sealing the shrink wrap, which can often cause holes that must be redone. This can be frustrating, especially for those who are new to shrink wrapping or for those who are working with a large number of products. It’s also important to note that you need to be careful with the shrink film thickness, not all films are compatible with this system.

The Shrink Wrap system is a great investment for any soap maker looking to save time and improve the appearance of their products. However, it requires some experience and practice to master the temperature and film thickness to get the best results.

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See that my multi stream is set up. So that may be something I did wrong, but that's okay. Maybe I can just focus here on Hat for a little while. So the last stream we did, it was about moving into this new soap studio space. I now have two floors where I am able to not only make the soap, but package it, store it, and get it ready to ship out.

Previous, I had a single bar package thing in the jigger. I don't know the correct terminology for it, but now I have a little bit more of an efficient system, and I thought it would be cool to show you all how that works. So previously I would do an individual bar one at a time, and now what I do is multiple bars. This allows me to do 15 bars at one time. So this is shrink wrap.

And I'm going to just move my little magical wand here so you can see how I get it set up with the bars. So we pull this out all the way to the edge, and then we take our bars of soap and we load them in like so. It's pretty straightforward. So once I put them in and the beauty of this is you don't have to do, like, each one individually. It's going to wrap all of them at the same time.

This also gives me a chance to do just a little bit of quality assurance on each bar to make sure that they're okay. And those that don't make it, like, they end up in the ugly bar phase. For those that don't make it, we put them in a bag, and then we sell the bag for $20. Tina is here. Tina, are we live on Facebook or are you on Hat?

I don't know. I'm trying this on my phone to see how it goes. But let me see. Did we make it there? I don't know.

Are you on hat? That would be cool. Let's see.

I don't know if you guys know, but I do these really large 30 pound molds, which ends up giving me about 70 bars of soup. Wrapping 70 bars one by one is very time consuming. But what this does is it allows me to put all of the bars right in here. Well, that one's going to go in the ugly bitch. Let me see.

And these here that I'm wrapping are the activated charcoal and kalen clay. All right, let's see 1234.

And what I'm trying to do is get five rows of three, because otherwise I'm losing out on the so called productivity that I'm supposed to be getting from doing it this way. This one's the ugly one, but we're still going to rapid. Let's see what you said, Tina. You said, I'll check Facebook for you. Oh, on YouTube.

All right. Even that up. So this might be good for YouTube. All righty, so what we do is we get all of the bars lined up, and then we take our magic wand. So before, I would have another machine where we would do one by one, and it would go up and down.

But this magic wand actually is really useful because you can move and grew with it as you go. So then we line up right here and we push down. And as we push, we just pull this package soap away from it. So that's the first row. And then we take our wine and we push it down so that it's right there along the edge.

And then we do the same thing, push down, give it a little rock, rock the and then pull it away. You don't want to pull it too quickly, because if you do, you're going to rip the seam. And if you've ever shrink wrap to the problem with ripping the seam is it's going to end up giving you a hole in the bag. And then you got to do it all over anyway. So do it right the first time so you can avoid those holes.

I'm going to push this down. Do the same thing here. Push it down. Do a little bit of rock seat like so. And as we rock, we'll pull away like that and then keep on going.

Get them in, get them in. Get them in right there.

Here we go. Push down. Rock, rock, rock the boat. Rock, rock, rock. All right, I did a little bit too much rocking because I was doing too much on this broadcast.

And then you do the same thing. Push down. I'll come up and see your comments in just a second. You all are on my cell phone instead of my computer, which is right here. So I can't see what you're saying, but thank you for joining me live.

That's always cool. Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock. I know I saw Teal's name up there, though. Good morning. I don't know if it's afternoon where you are.

There we go. And then this doesn't stay hot. It only stays hot when you press it down, down, all the way down. Do. Hello there.

Good morning. Good morning. Was thinking of you this morning. Don't see me on Facebook. Well, I'll probably do another broadcast because, girl, we got some silk up in here.

We have peppermint activated charcoal, crushed oats and honey, eucalyptus triple blend for that dry skin. We also have our Lucian, Vanilla Sky and Love and Grace. And then we also have our liquid soap. We have a peppermint body wash, but then for the men and the ladies can use it, too. We have the charcoal and tea tree beard and body wash from hair to toe.

We also have sugar scrubs. We have body oils. We have Whits soap, which is very exciting. Before, when I was in the dining room, I couldn't make all these products. So proud.

Thank you, guys. I couldn't make all of these products because had no space. But now I have this entire first floor. And don't tell anyone, but the second floor is kind of turning into a soap meditative space. We'll talk about that later.

So let's finish with what we were supposed to do here. So we've gotten B five like this, right? So what we do is we then line them up so they're side by side.

Then we grab our magic wand again. We're going to call this Wendy. Wendy is the magical wand that we use to shrink wrap these. So we press down rock, rock, rock and then pull away like that. And then we do the same thing in terms of pushing the soap up.

Feel like I'm beating it. You're not supposed to beat your soap. Guys don't do that. But that's the only way I can get it so that it's taught. Right?

All right, so then what we do is we push again down rock, rock, rock, rock, rock that song Pretty Girl Rock, you don't want me to sing it. You don't want me to sing it. I'm just saying. All right. And we keep pulling while rocking.

Now, I may not be doing that right, but it's serving our purposes. Right. And then we'll go do the same on this side.

Sometimes they want to sit. Now, somebody might say, well, how was that saving you time? Well, so far I've got ten bars that are in their bags. If I wasn't talking running my yaffer, they would already be sealed. Birdie was here helping me with these nyla.

Did a whole bunch of them the other night. And so now I'm just finishing up so that I can just put the labels on stuff and get them. Out the dough. Out the dough. All right, next.

Let's do this last set.

All right. And then we don't waste a whole lot. This is what we have left over right there. So that's the first part of it. The next part is we didn't have to still use our heat gun without making this fault.

I'm going to move it off to the side here. We're going to use our heat gun to seal them inside of their package, because right now it's a little loosey goosey. You don't want it loosey goosey. You want it kind of straight.

I always have to remember to unplug everything and then plug it back in when I want to use it. Right. All right. So then we take our heat gun, hope it cuts on for the live stream. And then what you do is there's a little extra piece right there.

I try and do the seams first because then there's a lesser chance of it breaking on the middle, so there's not as much tension because the seams have been sealed. And so you apply that heat, and what it do is it adheres the plastic all around the soup.

Now, if you want to do it one by one. You can. And I grab a label. That one is the Activated Circle.

And I have a story to tell you about these labels. I got the wrong side, so I ended up having to print two on one and then cut it down the middle. So I may have saved myself some money. It's one of those hectic accidents. And then what we do is we just place the label right on the top of the soup.

All of my labels have QR codes on them. And that's so that if somebody gets this to someone, they're not going to give them my business card. Some people do. But what it'll do is you can put your camera or your photo to take a picture. Everybody knows how a QR code works, but it takes them directly to a thank you page that explains who Natural Soap buys a Kia is, how they can order more, and a special discount if they choose to do so.

Trying to bring the physical world into the digital world. Because even though many of you are watching from all over, I do recognize that this is coming to a person. And so I feel like this QR code is a way for me to still say hello, no matter where they are. So hopefully that makes sense. It doesn't look like my multi streaming is set up correctly.

I'm curious how we ended up on YouTube and not on Facebook, because I always set up Facebook first, so that's interesting. But here, this is how you are able to see what it is that I'm doing. So, very simply, when it comes to packaging the silk, this is new for me. I did not have this when I was in the dining room. When I came out here, I knew that production was going to be picking up and I wanted to try and improve efficiency as much as possible.

Now, this isn't completely improving efficiency because I'm still doing them one by one. A way around that is to line them up same way. And instead of doing one by one, take the heat gun. I turned it up too high. I need a little bit of wiggle room there.

And then just go along the side, right? And then flip them.

Do the other side.

And then do one by one so at least we've gotten the sides done large to set them up. And sometimes you do have to use your hand to kind of like head it down.

Come around, come around.

And just like that, we've got 123456 of them done. Let's do the remainder.

I still am breaking my own rule about efficiency. So let's try it again. Bradley flip it. Snack it. Flip it.

Rub it down. 50 points for whoever knows where that phone comes from. No, don't put it in there. We want to keep this or rated G broadcast. You heard me about the same scope do that is such a hard habit to break if you guys don't know.

I started by live streaming on Periscope, and we used to always call them scope. Every platform gets its own lingo, and so it's very hard to break the habit of calling a live stream anything other than a scope. And because I actually stayed away from live streaming for about 18 months because I was building another brand that well, it had everything to do with live streaming without me actually live streaming, which was pretty amazing. And also a lesson in that is you never know how your skills are going to eventually pay the bills in a whole different industry. So we'll do the last two, we'll get the labels on them, and then we're going to multi stream again to make sure that all of our followers who have placed their orders know that their stuff is on its way.

We had a pre order on my website and so was supposed to start shipping today. Like, today is the day. We were also supposed to do a pop up shop, but that has been rescheduled to January the 11th. Just because your girl wasn't ready. That's just the all right, so here we have all of the soap right here.

So true, so proud. So true. Good morning. I'll forever say scope. That's my beginning.

Right. Never forget, humble beginnings is what it's made of. Right? All right. And if it hadn't been for Periscope, I don't think I would have had any business right, to be completely honest, because there was nothing else that gave me the ability to interact with all of you.

Right. Everything else required, like go and purchase a radio ad or post inspirational clothes online and hope that people find you. Yeah, no.

And so this is the easy part, as long as you have everything kind of ready to go. And I think I have now created a process that we'll be able to follow so that we have a consistent way where Nyla measures out all of the ingredients. I have all of the shows lined up for what we're going to do over the next two months. And so we'll have every batch that we're doing. And then we'll return to Soap Shipping Saturday, Super Soap Sunday, Tech Talk Tuesday, and all that other jazz.

All right, so we're just getting these labels on now that's not done. Every bar of soap also has to have the ingredients, but that's something that I can delegate to page. Well, number one, I don't have them printed. And number two, I just don't feel like flipping them over. And just like that, we have all 15 bars wrapped, enlabeled minus the ingredients ready to go out.

So I do plan on using hack more often. So if you're not connected with me on here, be sure to subscribe, follow, like, share all the other stuff. You can see this journey of going from the basement, to the dining room, to the sheet shed, also known as a production studio. People said, I cannot call this a sheet shed. It just don't work.

It does not work. No. Like a mini house that I had built in the backyard. And you'll see that journey in the progression of how we use it to convert it not only to a production studio for all the soap making, the herbal skincare, the herbal teas, but then also how we are transitioning into virtual reality and mixed reality for our online event. So you've gotten a chance to see what it's like to package soap, be sure to, like, subscribe, share, follow, wherever you are.

I am Zakia of Live and Virtual Experience Design Agency. Thank you so much for joining me. Now I got to come close so I can end this and start the next one so that people who actually are following me everywhere else get the notification that yo stuff is getting packaged and being shipped out tomorrow. Thank you for joining. See you in the media.


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