Don’t throw the Baby out with the Bath Water

Failure isn’t failure unless you don’t learn from it.

When do you decide that something is a failure?

In the image above my liquid soap would not cooperate. Had I given up and threw the soap out I wouldn’t have stumbled on a technique to make gel soap. This wasn’t something I started down the path to do but I shrugged my shoulders and said “let’s see where this goes”. I’m so glad that I did.

Many people are quick to admit defeat or even worse two words have become a part of their daily vocabulary. I FAILED!

If we all could shift our paradigms a little, adjust our expectations or even evaluate where those desires stem from…Failure may no longer escape from the lips. Instead we may find that we are one step closer to a destination we hadn’t even considered.

The alchemy in soap making allows us to explore the depths of creativity. Our own unique expression in the form of soap. Notice what happens when we shift our perspective…it’s no longer about anything external it’s all in the hands of the maker. The eyes of the beholder become the true lens from which we get to explore our creations.

Failure just doesn’t seem to fit in the equation any longer. Sure there are times when it won’t match exactly what we had in our heads but if we stop there the true lesson will be lost.

Are those bubbles??? I guess the soap wasn’t a “failure” after all. Needs work but FAR from a failure.

Perhaps there was an issue with our technique, selected ingredients, timing or even the temperature. By closely studying what has occurred you learn what to do differently next time or even what you want to incorporate for an even better outcome.

As the quote says failure isn’t failure unless you don’t learn from it! How do you view failure?


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