Shea Butter is Perfect for the Skin

While I absolutely love Shea Butter and all of the goodness it offers the skin, I wanted something a little lighter for the summer months. Lotion is perfect!

I recently attended the 2019 Pittsburgh Soap Makers Gathering for a full two days of learning. The first day we saw a demo and the second day we were completely hands-on making it. I have been really hesitant to make lotion as the thought of needing a preservative and the potential for bacteria were far greater than anything I was willing to play around with, without some professional guidance first. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helped to clarify the why behind the how. This gave me the confidence to give it a go.

Lotion Making Video

Still Image of the Live Stream as we were making Lotion

As soon as I returned from the gathering I got to work creating a Shea Lotion of my own. I used the heat and hold method taught by Beth Byrne to create this intoxicating lotion and topped it off with a Chanel Blue fragrance dupe. Naturalists look away because that’s a fragrance oil NOT an Essential oil.

The best part about making your own lotion is after the science you get to choose the ingredients. You get to choose the scents and you get to decide how much and what matters to your skin.

Watch the Lotion Making Video Here

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Where to Buy Shea Butter for your Lotion

Baraka Shea Butter is our official sponsor at Live Soap School and when I tell you they have the best high quality Shea Butter I have ever used, that’s saying something! Not to mention the mission behind the brand is absolutely remarkable…Traditionally handcrafted, Fair Trade, Organic Shea Butter that positively impacts and empowers the families of the communities who make it is a win win for everyone. As a Live Soap School Subscriber you can save 10% on any order by entering code LiveSoap 10 at checkout. Give it a try and let me know how you like it for your own unique creations.

Until Next Time.