Setting up a Successful Soap Booth for Craft Shows

As a natural skincare formulator, you’re passionate about creating handmade, high-quality soaps and other skincare products. But no matter how wonderful your products are, they won’t sell themselves. That’s why it’s so important to put your best foot forward at craft shows and other sales events. And that starts with setting up a soap booth that showcases your products in the best possible light.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to soap booth setup. And that’s what this blog post is all about!

Essential Elements of a Soap Booth

Table and Display Setup

Your soap booth should be attractive, welcoming, and professional. Invest in a sturdy table that’s the right height and size for you, and cover it with a plain white tablecloth or a color that complements your branding. When it comes to the layout of your display on the table try to stack items high but don’t overcrowd it with too much product. Leave room under the table to keep restock items and as the day progresses, replenish the supply.


Lighting is key when it comes to showcasing your products. Make sure your booth is well lit, but avoid harsh overhead lights that create unflattering shadows. If possible, use soft, natural light from windows or a nearby source. If you need additional lighting, consider using table lamps with low-wattage bulbs.

Signage and Branding

Your booth should reflect your brand, so be sure to incorporate your logo, tagline, and any other branding elements into your signage and display materials. This could include banners, posters, business cards, and product labels.

Products and Samples

Of course, the most important part of your soap booth is your products! Make sure you have plenty of soaps, lotions, and other skincare products on hand, as well as sample sizes for customers to try. Display your products on clear acrylic shelves, tiered stands, or other attractive displays that allow customers to see and touch your products.

Invariably people want to touch and smell every product you have. Consider having one open item of each product that can be used solely for this purpose.

Packaging and Sales Materials

Don’t forget about packaging and sales materials! Have plenty of bags, boxes, and tissue paper on hand to wrap your products in, and make sure you have a cash box, credit card reader, and other tools you need to make sales.

Tips for Maximizing Sales at Craft Shows

Product Presentation

The way you present your products can make a huge difference in sales. Make sure your products are organized and easy to see and touch. Provide clear descriptions and pricing information for each product. And don’t be afraid to get creative! For example, you could create a “bestsellers” display, or a special section for seasonal products. You could even consider creating a build your own box to help move more product faster.

Customer Engagement

At craft shows and other sales events, customers want to meet the person behind the products. So be friendly, approachable, and engaging! Offer samples, answer questions, and strike up conversations. And don’t be afraid to share your story and your passion for natural skincare. This will help customers connect with you and your products on a deeper level.

Offers and Promotions

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Consider offering special promotions or discounts for craft show customers, such as buy-one-get-one-free, or a percentage off your total purchase. And be sure to promote your offers on your signs and other marketing materials.

Accepting Payments

Be prepared to accept multiple forms of payment, including cash, credit cards, and digital payment options like Venmo, CashApp or PayPal. You may want to consider creating a sign that lists your acceptable forms of payment along with QR codes for a quick checkout process. This will make it easy for customers to buy your products, and could help you increase sales.

Building a Customer List

Craft shows and other sales events are a great opportunity to build your customer list. Offer a discount or free sample to customers who sign up for your email list or follow you on social media. This will give you a way to stay in touch with customers after the event and let them know about future sales and events.

Are craft shows right for your business?

Craft shows can be a great opportunity for makers to showcase their products, connect with customers, and increase sales. But they’re not right for every business. Here are some pros and cons to consider when evaluating whether a craft show is right for your business:


  • Increased visibility: Craft shows give you the opportunity to connect with customers and get your products in front of new audiences. This can be especially beneficial for makers who are just starting out or who are looking to expand their customer base.
  • Direct customer feedback: Craft shows provide an opportunity for makers to get direct feedback from customers. This can be valuable for improving your products and refining your marketing strategies.
  • Increased sales: By showcasing your products in person, you have the opportunity to increase sales and generate revenue for your business.
  • Networking opportunities: Craft shows are a great opportunity to connect with other makers and suppliers, and to learn from others in the industry.


  • Cost: Participating in a craft show can be expensive, with costs including booth fees, materials, and travel expenses. It’s important to carefully consider whether the potential benefits of the show are worth the investment.
  • Time-consuming: Setting up and participating in a craft show can be time-consuming and demanding, requiring careful planning and preparation.
  • Competition: Craft shows can be highly competitive, with many other makers showcasing similar products. It’s important to research the show beforehand and understand what kind of competition you’ll be up against.
  • No guarantee of sales: Despite your best efforts, there’s no guarantee that you’ll generate significant sales at a craft show. It’s important to understand that craft shows can be a long-term investment, and that it may take time and multiple shows to see a return on your investment.

When evaluating whether a craft show is right for your business, it’s important to carefully consider the potential benefits and costs, and to weigh these factors against your business goals and resources. If you’re passionate about your products and are willing to put in the time and effort to make the most of the opportunity, craft shows can be a valuable tool for growing your business.

Craft shows are great places to sell handmade goods. They’re also a lot of work. There’s lots of prep work before the event, and after the event, you’ve got to clean everything up and pack it away. It takes a ton of effort to set up and tear down a soap booth every day.

Bonus: Video Tour of a Soap Booth Setup

To give you an even better understanding of how to set up a soap booth, we’ve included a video tour of one our first booth setups. Watch as we walk you through all the essential elements, and show you how to make the most of your booth space.

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It is Zakia. So I overslept a little bit, and we are getting set up for our vending event, and I don't have my tablecloth. So what I'm doing is I am actually using this glitter paper as the backdrop in the background. I'll turn the camera around, but I figured I'll be able to use this video in live soap school to help my students in figuring out how to set up for vending events. If you guys are brand new to me, you've never been here before. My name is Zakia of, and I typically make all of my products live here on Periscope. Got a lot of bots. I don't know what that is, but thank you for helping me with the character count, the comment count. So that's annoying. Hold on, let me help you, because now you're blocked. You're annoying at that point. You're very annoying at that point. Hello there. So what we're doing, guys, because I don't have the table cloth, because, you know, that's just how I messed up this morning. Do you have ebbs? I think everybody in the world has Ads. That's a part of our biology, I believe I could be mistaken, but, you know, so what I'm doing is I'm going through and I'm trying to find colors that are similar.

They don't necessarily need to match my color scheme, but they will help in adding a little bit of dimension and character to the soap that I'm going to put on top of it. Can you do a live for vending tips? My first one will be this summer. Sure. Absolutely. The best thing I can tell you guys when you are setting up for vending events is to try and figure out what kind of population is going to be at the vending events, because not all vending events are created equal. And a lot of times it's mainly for getting the person that is going to benefit from it. Like the person that's actually running the vending event is the one that's going to benefit and not necessarily the vendor. But I will certainly do a vending event like that. This vending event for me, has two main purposes. One of them being, of course, to sell natural soap buys a Kia. But because it's local, let me pull this vin over here, because this is the stuff that I use for setting up my table. Because it's local, it's also going to help me to promote the local soap making classes.

You can get, like, little vases like this. I don't know if you guys can see it. And then you can put, like, little colors in there, and that's just going to add a little bit of dimension to your table. And so I just put that there and it's kind of just decoration for the table. Hey there, zebra. How are you? All right. And then this here, as you can see, I am going with the pink and black color scheme for today because there will be a lot of kids here and so it's definitely going to grab their eye. I'll show you the front once we have it all set up. Why do I do this? Because people are bathing with terrible, terrible, terrible ingredients. And by me creating handcrafted natural products, it's much better for their skin and all of that good stuff. I also have these plates because that is a way to display the products as well. So instead of having everything, like stacked on top of each other, you're creating dimension and character and things to kind of have discussions about at your table. So the first thing I do is I try and get everything out.

That's okay. Thank you for trying. I try and get everything out so that I can see what I have. Usually if I know the amount of states. Yes, it's about promoting herself. That too, absolutely. Because if you don't promote yourself, nobody else is going to do it for you. I promise you that. I absolutely promise you that. Oh, my God, there's a spider on my phone. There is a spider on my phone. And then I always put the best selling product right here in the middle. It's kind of like on a cake pan. So I'll put that there. And then we have one more of these. So these are the square cubes. Very true. Good morning. So thank you all for tapping the screen. If you are brand new to me. My name is Zakia of Natural and Live, where I make my own handcrafted natural products. I typically will do that live right here on Periscope, as well as Instagram, as well as Facebook and a little bit of Dublin and Dabbling in YouTube these days. And so what you're seeing me do is set up this table. And these are Risers guys, you have seen these before.

And what it does is it allows me to put my soap up so that they're on different levels. Again, you're trying to create different places for the eye to go, but not too overwhelming. So what I do is I use these and I will highlight the different soaps. And again, this is me trying to compensate for not having a table cloth. You always want to have a tablecloth, but sometimes when you're rushing in the morning, it just doesn't work out the way you need it to work out. I also have another table that you guys are sitting on, and that one is where I'm going to check people out with their orders. So all of the products can be here and then we can go over to this table in order to actually make payments and all of that. Now, we also have my books. Of course we will be promoting my books. And for my books, I put them on this little clear shelf like this. You guys have seen this on the live broadcast not just a prop, it's actually something that I use for holding my product. And so what I do is I sit that like that.

Let me grab a couple of books. Where are your daughters? Your helpers, nyla just woke up and she's going to bring page in about 15 to 25 minutes. And then I take the books right here. In case you guys are wondering, I am the author of the new soap Makers Cookbook Ingredients for Success. That Spider really wants whatever's there and then I put it nicely in here so you can see that. Where do you get a lot of your holders? Goodwill. Goodwill Hunting. I do not spend a lot of money for it because it gives me a chance to kind of express my creativity. I can change the color scheme whenever I want because as you can see, because this is clear, what I do is I then OMG, I'm going today because this is clear, I can change this color at any time. If I wanted to do a green color scheme, I'll just get green insert. So that's how I do that part. Then we also have my other book. I have a ton of these. I don't have as many of my new books. I only have five of these that are less.

This is my other book, which is the new Soap Makers cookbook making cold processed soap from scratch. This is available on Amazon as well as my website, live, as well as my Natural So if you're interested in learning how to make soap, this is a great reference guide for getting you started without all the fluff. So this will be sitting there. So if you're not necessarily interested in product, but you're interested in actually learning how to make your own, it has a little time on there. You can get the book. All right, so we have that one. Don't you fall. So this is how that will be set up. And you notice how everything is strategically on top of the glitter paper that I have put down. And that is so the paper does not go flying. See, this girl has a little bit of a brain up there. It's beautiful. It's actually not windy at all. There's like a little bit of a breeze going. My class will be paid by 12:00 p.m., your time dream. I am very excited to have you, my dear. We are adding additional classes. So let me tell you guys about live soap school.

I teach you guys how to make soap from scratch with all the ingredients. But I don't stop there. I make sure that you are able to formulate your own recipes so that you are not beholden to Google another book or whatever. You can formulate them based on what it is that you want to create out of it. If you're interested in taking a class on making soap, you can take it from anywhere in the world by going to class live And now here comes the fun part, where I actually will set the soap up in the various products. So I think you're awesome for typing that in. I think you're awesome for typing that in. And I do have one giveaway bag that I give. Whenever you go to a vending event, you should give something to the sponsors for allowing you to end there. So this just has lavender tranquility in there, a body butter that exfoliating espresso sugar scrub that we made last night. It also has a foot scrub or a foot soap. And then it also has my business card. So I'm not just somebody that's coming to take, but also thanking them for allowing me to end here.

So I'll be giving that to the show sponsors. If you have shows, you should always thank them, even if it's just a card. You would be surprised how many people don't show a little bit of gratitude to the vendors that they go to. Okay, so I need to get another one of these guys because I am now going back and forth. This was so heavy. This was so heavy to bring in. I now am swapping this out between classes and the actual soap making event. They let you set up for free? No, there is a vending fee, but that's what I was saying about the vending workshop or the lending live stream that I'm going to do. There's a little bit of analysis you have to do based on the cost that they're going to charge you, the expected participants. I am at the Yaden Fairground in Yaden, Pennsylvania. I'll be posting it on national so people can come out and get something physically. All right, so this is how I travel with my products, guys. I have an inventory. I know exactly how much I am starting with, with every single item that is in here.

So what I do, I got to plug you guys in. Always bring power with you as well. Always bring power. So let me bring you guys to the front. So as you can see, if I put you that way so far, that is what we've got. So this will number one, no matter where you're standing, you'll be able to see that I had soup. And as you get closer, it's by Zakia. Where can you find this top? I actually permanently borrowed it from my mother. So I can't tell you for sure the stage is going to be right there. So as you can see, I'm very close. And then the dignitaries are going to be there. Community leaders are going to be there. And then there's other stuff there, and then voting stuff over here. And then they're going to be setting up bounce houses and whatnot. So I'm right in the center of where people are going to be walking. I'm also right next to the water picture thing. Emerjigger so as people are getting their water, hey, come check out this soap guy. All right. You should move lots of product. Today is the girl.

They will be here in a minute. And also I even customize my bags with a little sticker. This was a tip that I got from a student in live soap school, actually, where it says that you can also shop online. And it gives them my link to my website, as well as the fact that we're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and then my handle, so we have that. And then for my business card, I have this little tree. Good idea, looks good. And then when people say, oh, can I have a bag? Oh, you can definitely have a bag. It comes with every purchase. See what I'm saying? I will check it out. My wife love that stuff. You have some cool stuff. So with this, it's like a tree. And what you do is you just put your business cards all over there. So again, it's natural, right? The whole you just continue whatever your theme is throughout everything that you are using for your product. And my business card matches the front logo that you just saw there. And then on the back, there's actually a QR code that will take them specifically to a special page that I have set up.

I'm going to have to go to the Goodwill. It's a special page for them where if they click or they take a picture of this, they will go to a special page that has special pricing for anything that I sell out of today. So that's a way where you can kind of recuperate your customers and all of that and then also get them on the mailing list as well. So then I just fill this up, and then as people take them, I just add new cards. So instead of just kind of saying, here, take my card, it's kind of like, oh, what's that? I bet oh, my gosh. Yes. If you have not recognized, I use my brain quite a bit. I know you meant another way, but that's how you address that. I don't know if I have every angle covered. It comes from consistently trying it out. Wow. Zakia is professional. I'm a professional. That is why I'm a certified soap maker. I'm just playing. I try and create what I would want if someone were if I were to go to their booth. So I don't have to ask a lot of questions aside from the questions on the product.

So you see that that's going to be on the table. And I'll put that right here in the front. And I was pan around so you guys can see. I think you're constantly striving. Absolutely. So I have all of the tester bars up here. Remember, however you use your now, see, I was trying to come back and be nice to you, but now looks like a really great woman. Impressive. I guess that's what they said. We don't want people touching every single thing. So what I do is I always have a bar that they can feel, they can smell, and do all of that. And then the other bars that are for sale, they know that they've gotten a clean bar of soup. So all of the bars that are out here today, and I don't bring a whole lot miami, I don't know what that means. So this is the poetically peppermint. I open this while I'm here, if I didn't already have one open. And it says free smell for everybody. And then this one is the Cucumber Melon. I've never really opened my own soap before. Normally I just don't do it.

This one is the charcoal and tea tree. I like to have the taller bars at the top and then the shorter bars. My bars range in price from nine dollars to eleven dollars. You can go on my website today and get some. And then of course, I have a sample of the activated charcoal. See this one? It serves multiple purposes, guys, because I think they're getting started. It serves multiple purposes because this is a smaller bar, but it also has a really nice design on there. It has a really nice design. So that's the activated charcoal and kale and clay. And then of course, we have our beard butter. We made this one free smell to everybody. Hey there, yate. How are you? And then they also can sample the Mango Tango foaming whip soup. And so for these, my card holder fell down. All right, we might have to come up with another solution for that. It's a little more windy than I thought. I have the little popsicle sticks so that everybody's not sticking their finger and stuff, but the popsicle sticks will help it. Hey, good looking. Hey, Mr. Round. Double clause.

How are you? All right, and now what I do is I start setting up the actual products that are for sale on the other side. And then of course, we have what the heck is blowing? But it's not. I mean, my hair is blowing. The exfoliating sugar scrub that we made last night, somebody asked about how I packaged it, so I do shrink wrap it after it is labeled. So this is the one that you guys watched me make yesterday here on Periscope. So this one here, I should have had one that was open, so one that I didn't seal. They'll be able to try it out. Look at that. That is the consistency of it in those brown drops that you're seeing in there, guys, that's the actual coffee ground. And the smell is going to knock them off your socks. It's like a vanilla and a caffeine blended together. All right, so that's that. I do have additional business cards in case we run out and then I kind of just keep these additional sticks because for some reason, people walk away with the sticks. I just keep those underneath. Oh, the cameraman tea.

I knew I had more soap. It's not coming off. And here's what the cameraman t one looks like. And I'll show you the front of the table in just 1 second. And now it's time to unpack the remainder of the product. Okay, you guys can see that. All right, so I go from left to right with what is on the other side. So on the other side, we have lavender tranquility. Then we have the peppermint. And so these the Kia. Are you going to teach foaming whip, soap and live soap course? Yes. Where are you? I am at the Yaden Flag Day. It's an annual session or celebration. The gentleman who's from Gavin actually founded Flag Day. So tonight there's going to be some incredible fireworks that, of course, I will live stream for you all and all of that. And then here's the activated charcoal and tea tree. So what we do, then there is cameraman tea, then there is activated charcoal. And you see how I know exactly where to go in here? That's because I don't have to try and memorize where everything is. I will be keeping my eye on Instagram because I know you're going to post some good stuff.

Yes, I have some awesome plans for Instagram. I actually want to keep the all natural ones together. Hold on. And then we need the triple butter blend. Of course we need the triple butter blend. Triple butter blend is going to also go in the middle of the table because that is a best seller. And that's going to be one that I'm going to probably reference quite a bit today. So we have our little platter in the middle. And what other one, guys? We need one more that we can put in the middle. I guess hamim, because that one is all natural as well. I need something lavender tranquility. What would I name that to search for that online tent? I don't have my car here, but there's a box that it comes in. I can also check with my mom, and I'll tweet it out as soon as I have it. But it's not a tent. But everybody has them. Especially if you're going to be bending in the summertime. You will kill yourself if you don't have like the sun does bleed well, depending on where you are. I wouldn't say that. Then the next thing that we need are the bath treats.

I put those on a separate tray. So we have easy up, top up. Thank you. Then we have the foaming with soap. It comes in three different flavors. I'm saying flavors like it's food. It comes in banana split, it comes in Mango Tango, and it also comes in cucumber melon. I love seeing people's entrepreneurial ideas. There's always something I didn't think of. Thank you for sharing on Facebook and Twitter. All of you guys that have been tapping the screen non stop, you know, I have to thank you as well. So thank you. And then we need our body butter. Now I have to put the body butter somewhere where they're not going to be in direct sunlight. My issue is determining how much to make for Vending events. It's sometimes hit or miss. That's the one thing that we can't control, unfortunately. On a scale of one to ten, how tight would you say you are? I'm really quick at that finger right there. I will give you 4000 hearts, smoke weed every day. Thank you. Is that your name? I thought about what's his name, snoop Dogg when I read that just now. And then I put my bag right under here and then I'll put something on top of it so they don't fly away.

Lol. Yes. I often wonder what revenue to expect on an average day. It really depends on the crowd. And that also goes back to what I was saying about doing an analysis of the Vending event. Like how experience is the person that is putting that event on. What has been their previous revenue generation, or the number of people that have showed up, what's the population like that shows up for. Something like that. So once you know those things, you can kind of gauge. But it's really hit or miss sometimes. And now what I'll do, I'll put these books right on the top so as people buy them, I can always refill them. I don't know what this is called. Did I bring my fingers? I didn't bring my fingers. I may not be able to use this one guy tool. That's what it's called, tool. Oh, I did. And then what I do is I decorate all around it. What about payment? Can you accept interact and credit when at there? Yes, there's a weekly market near me, always crowded. I sell healthy and natural dog treats. And like pet lovers, they love their pets, so they will buy things that are handmade.

Handcrafted for sure. So then I just take this and I cut it. And so I take a piece, put it there, and then on the inside of there I'm going to put the body butter. Hi, how are you? I'm Zakia. I'm the creator of all of this. I do it all handmade. So it's all 100% vegan ingredients, natural products. And so I'm just setting up now. Do you have any questions? Have you ever used natural soap?

I was actually going to try to make some soap a couple of months ago. I was actually talking to my husband about making some soap. He was like, you have to get all this stuff just to make some soap.

Don't you believe it? I actually created live soap school as well. So I have a soap making school where you can actually learn how to make soap and looking for the card. And we have a local workshop that's actually coming up tomorrow for cold process soap making. And you learn the entire process, the supplies you need to get started. Because if you go by what you see on the Internet, there's probably a million and one thing that you don't need. It's really a smaller scale to get started. But then if you want to grow into a business, I teach you how to do that as well. I do, but my freak keeps falling. And we are running a special for people who register by June 15. There's a code. Let me find it. I missed it. Oh, here it is. This gives you more information about life here. But as you can see, we do have this coupon code. There is a coupon code where you can actually save 10% off any of the courses.


Okay. So that's the information on that. Okay. Did you self publish it?

Yes, and I'm going to be selling it online and everything, but I haven't launched it yet, so I haven't put it out there yet.

Okay. Get in touch with me because I've had quite a bit of an experience with online businesses and launching and websites and all of that, so I might be able to help you either way. Okay.

All right.

All right. So we got some early folks, guys. Sorry, the screen kind of blinked out on me. So then I take these products. Nice, right? Okay. So then I take each one, and I kind of line them up behind here so I can easily grab them. And then this is the cucumber. Melon, you're so nice. Willing to help people. Trying to get started, too, because not many people help me. I had a few people. That was a great encounter. Yeah. And that's the nice thing. You get to talk to people and find out what it is, because not everybody needs soap, but everybody needs something. So being very well rounded helps quite a bit. So then I put the sugar scrub right here. And then we come here. Sorry for leaning right over you guys. I really admire your focus and dedication. And you know what happened, guys? I took a look at how much I give to companies. Oh, God. How much I give to other companies. Like, I was one of those people, any employer that I work for, I would give them, like, 120% of my effort, and I said, well, what if I just took that extra 20% that I'm giving to another company and focus it on something for me?

And it really helps for me to look at it that way. And many of you do that. Like, you go into work, even when you leave, you're thinking about it. And then here. Thank you for those super hard. Thank you for those super hard. You know what? I only have one of the Mango Tango. So I'm probably going to get rid of that sampler there. Yeah. All right, so we are just about done with the product. Hold on, Uncle Jesse, because you don't know, but you actually have I don't know what you guys are talking about. See, this is the only thing about having your location on when you broadcast, because you get some strange folks. You get some strange folks trying to do some strange things, say some weird, weird stuff. And then we had that there. Thank you for blocking that. Joker have the milk baths that are available, and of course, I don't know how many of you are Black Panther fans, but it's called Coconut milk bath vibranium. Willing to pay $10. Some people sorry, guys, I got to finish because people are starting to come, and I kind of talked, and I still haven't set up the payment system over here, and this stays open.

Can't have nobody. Thank you for blocking so much. I really appreciate it.

And then I'm going to bring you guys around before my battery dies, and then that way, you'll at least be able to see the table. All right, so that's the caddy guy. So that is where I keep the majority of the products. So if people buy from the table, I just continue to restock. And everything is organized in a way where I know that that's lavender tranquility, activated charcoal, peppermint, tea, cucumber, melon, peppermint patty, or poetically peppermint. Some activated charcoal there. Triple butter blend has its own row, and then the activated charcoal has its own row as well. I keep extra copies of the book so that when we come around to this size, that's what we've got. It looks like there's an array of products, but there is my logo on the front. Then there is oh, that's not open. I got to open this one. Then. That's the sniffing station, right? So you can smell everything that we've got. And then there's the body butters right there. There's also the coconut vibranium and all of that. I actually kind of want to move this over because it's kind of blocked. That looks a little cluttered right there.

I'll figure out a better way for Square to put this in a second. So these are, like, the best selling products that I really want people's attention to focus on. So I have those front and center. Then here are the body extra awesome things. So not a bar soap. So if somebody says, I don't use bar soap. Well, we do have a foaming soap, which is great for shaving. We also have a body butter that is truly moisturizing. It has vitamin E in here. It has sweet almond oil, avocado. You love the purple soap. That's the lavender tranquility right there. And then I just have the additional sugar scrubs right over here. And I only do one. Dang it. I got to figure out why they're doing. That I only do one cent of the sugar scrub while I am at events because my main focus is the soap, of course. So I got to go because I got to finish up on that table over there, which is going to be where people are able to pay. I can give them additional information about the workshop and all of that. So I am Zakia.

And of course, my card thing then fell again. I have to get that out of the direct line of go, girl. I have to get that out of the direct line of when because it keeps knocking it over and I got a problem with that. All right, guys. Thank you, flourishing soul, for sharing on Twitter and inviting your followers. I'm going to set you up on here so that I can say bye to everyone and I can actually do what I'm supposed to do while I am here. But hopefully if you are somebody who is considering setting up at vending events, you got an idea that it's not hard, it's not that difficult. And of course, I do bring a stool so that it's not so inviting for me to sit on and all of that. But have a great day. Look at that. Just staying up there. Got to clean it. Bye, guys.

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    • Zakia Ringgold

      I have to look for it. I’ll let you know as soon as I find it

  3. Toni J

    As a former Philly girl and a crafter I appreciate your expertise!
    Ms. Toni

  4. Sylvia Gray

    Thanks so much for sharing your set-up process. You are truly a professional and a joy to watch. Also great personality. Continued success to you.

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Thanks Sylvia glad it was helpful!

  5. DmrCreations

    Hi were did you get the business card Holder..I love it

    • Zakia Ringgold

      My aunt found it at a goodwill

  6. NinaRoseTreasures

    You are awesome so love your channel!

  7. Maple Flagg

    I just saw this video and it is months later darn it! Zakia, have you thought about glue dots to hold items in place on your display table? They hold really well and remove quite easily when it’s time to pack up. I’m sure you’ve come up with a solution already but I thought I’d throw that out there in case you can find it useful.

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Maple Flagg glue dots…GENIUS

  8. Shannon Carlson

    Thanks for making a great video! It was really helpful watching you set up. Your products look great. I’m going to purchase some soap and your book. Also, you have a natural talent for making and presenting videos.

  9. A.P.A Photography

    What is the name of the bag you are using that pops up?

    • Zakia Ringgold

      I got it from home shopping network it has since been discontinued. Try searching for craft cases in their website.