We provide expert soap making and natural cosmetics courses.

Soapmaking can be learned at your own pace online. Begin today to improve your abilities. Become a part of a global community of millions of students.


If you are a beginner then buy our beginners courses .


If you are a beginner then buy our beginners courses .

Soap Making

Learn how to make natural soap from scratch in Live Soap School. We offer introductory, advanced, and business classes for the budding hobbyist or the aspiring business owner.

Current Programs

Introduction to Soap Making

Advanced Soap Making…Coming Soon

Soap Business Intensive…coming soon

Online Business

Wondering what you need to get your business idea out of your head and online? Our Online Business Blueprint was created for you. We walk you through the entire process of getting your business setup with an online presence, staying connected with customers via email and reaching new audiences with social media.


Live Streaming

You know you need to leverage live streaming, but you just don’t know-how. Our Live Stream Success is designed for individuals to learn basic and advanced techniques to broadcast live.

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Get the New Soap Makers Cookbook series to jump start your soap making journey today.

Handmade soap is exactly that: soap that has been created by hand. For their skin-care characteristics, they’re produced with vegetable oil and/or animal fats. Additives to soap are frequently used for their healing, exfoliating, and cosmetic effects.


Access my curated list of soap making essentials, supplies and vendors.

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Get the Craft to Cash Workbook to determine what you need to start your business online.

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