Could ASMR be the reason people find soap making so relaxing?

What is it?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is reported to aid in relaxation and sleep while also decreasing anxiety, depression and stress.

What happens when in a state of ASMR?

According to ASMR University individuals can have two types of responses.

  • Physical Response – tingles, chills, waves, in the head, neck, spine or throughout the body.
  • Psychological Sensation – good feelings of euphoria, happiness, comfort, calm, peaceful, relaxation, restful ness and/or sleepiness.

What does this mean for soap makers?

Could you possibly be an ASMR artist and not even know it? Does your craft create a state of bliss for people who are able to see you make handmade soap from scratch? In my experience live streaming while making Natural soap people have always commented “this is so relaxing” or “I just can’t look away”. It turns out there is a scientific reason for it and it’s ASMR.


There are several videos gaining in popularity and they have one common thread. Object sounds, oral sounds and the visual aesthetics. Consider the use of the stick blender, stirring with the spatula, adding color, pouring and swirling the soap batter. All of these routine and repetitive soap making tasks have the ability to stimulate an ASMR response for both the maker and the watcher. Pay a little more attention the next time you are over your pot. Is there an unexplainable euphoria? If so you may ha r just been in a state at ASMR.

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