Cindy Lauper has a song titled True Colors. As we were driving to Virginia for our family vacation this song came on and the whole car began to sing along. 12 years old to 60 sung along. There was a palpable energy around the words True Colors and Shining Through!

I see your true colors shining through, so don’t be AFRAID to let them show I see your true colors. Your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow.

-Cindy Lauper

Like many of my experiences I began to think about how appropriate this is to soap making and the journey many will discover as they begin the craft.

If you have ever watched me make soap you already know that color excites me! Color changes a simple loaf into a work of art or a disaster depending on how it’s mixed, poured or combined in the mold. The true color of the soap cannot be determined until after the cure is complete. This is because chemistry is still at work.

When it comes to adding color to Natural Soap the choices are endless: natural colorants, micas, oxides and more. If you add too much the soap will bleed too little and it won’t appear in the mixture. The “general” consensus is one teaspoon per pound of oil but I will tell you from personal experience that general guideline goes up or down.

In order to achieve those true colors we must remember color theory, chemistry is still in action and those general guidelines. What you initially see may not be the final outcome but the true colors will shine through in the end.

If you are a soapmaker or just getting started with your own handcrafted soap, keep these lyrics in mind. “Don’t be afraid to let them show, YOUR true colors are Beautiful like a rainbow”.

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