Cleo Anderson Releases the Cold Process Melt and Pour Soap Method

Cold Process Melt and Pour Soap

Ever wanted to make your own Melt and Pour Soap from Scratch in UNDER ten minutes? On top of it being melt and pour it is also crystal clear soap. I mean transparent soap. See THROUGH soap! Now you can with Ms. Cleo’s brand new method. She coined the phrase Cold Process Melt and Pour and it’s truly a topic of discussion, which we will come to later.

Cleo Anderson

Cleo Anderson transparent soap
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Cleo Anderson is a mother, a business owner, an author, an innovator and a game changer. Earlier this year, she released her very first book and we talked about it here. We sat down with Ms. Cleo last year as she had built a thriving community of melt and pour base makers on Facebook. In this group she has shared countless tips and tutorials with newbies and advanced soap makers alike to take their soap making to a whole new level.

She recently released her own online course which walks participants through her time tested approach and recipes to achieve transparent melt and pour soap from scratch. For many of us in the soap community we typically buy the melt and pour bases. Others have made their own bases in the past but I still have not come across a method using cold process in under 10 minutes. Her method takes SIX minutes and the results are STUNNING!

If you want to:

  • Control the Ingredients with melt and pour soap
  • Create your own soap base from scratch
  • Create a Clear Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Base
  • Make Your Own Melt and Pour Soap in Six Minutes

She has made soap for over 15 years and studied the methods, ingredients and nuances to create her very own pixie dust for the Soap Industry. Appropriately called ABCPMP (Arsenia Blu Cold Process Melt and Pour).

Pioneers are Persecuted

While we would normally celebrate new arrivals on the scene, Ms. Cleo like others that have come before her is

Transparent melt and Pour Soap
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Cleo Anderson of Arsenia Blu Transparent Melt and Pour Soap

currently being persecuted. People are coming out of the woodwork, with slanderous statements and questioning why she won’t just give it away for FREE. And the one that grinds my gears the most, are the ones who claim to have “been doing this exact method before”. Shame on all of you. I’ve done a search in all of these groups for mention of “quick method”, “cold process melt and pour”, “ten minute transparent soap” and not a single result nor recipe came up…prior to Ms. Cleos post. Not a single recipe and not a single blog post. Now it’s old news…but somehow a hot topic.

Ms. Cleo a wise person told me “Pioneers are persecuted until they can be replicated”. You are truly a pioneer as folks are working very hard to replicate (I think I heard some folk stayed up all night trying to figure it out). Thank you for publishing and thank you for continuing on your quest through many trials of failed or cloudy batches to create the first cold process transparent melt and pour soap in the Soaping Industry. #ABCPMP

I’m looking forward to what she does next.

Until next time.

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