Hemp Seed Oil Vs. CBD Oil: Which is Better for Homemade Soap?

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oils (Cannabidiol) are chemical compounds extracted from the cannabis plant which have been praised for their ability to naturally relieve chronic pains, anxiety, depression and help with acne. There is however a large amount of debate over whether they should be added to soaps.

What does CBD Oil offer the skin?

CBD oil helps relieve pain and inflammation. It can be used in homemade beauty recipes. Studies have also shown that CBD oil may be able to help alleviate acne and reduce redness from pimples. It can also prevent acne by decreasing overactive sebum production in the skin. It has a lot of soothing properties which makes it a good choice for sensitive skins like eczema or mature skins. However does its cost prohibit its use as a standard ingredient in soap making? Let’s discuss Hemp Seed oil as an alternative.

What does Hemp Seed Oil offer the skin?

hemp seed oilHemp seed oil is packed with antioxidants which can do a lot for the health and appearance of your skin, including reducing the signs of aging. Hemp seed oil is also full of nutrients that are said to reduce the signs of fine lines and improve the suppleness of the skin. Hemp Seed oil also has a healthy dosage of vitamin E and Vitamin A to promote healing of the skin. When it comes to moisture Hemp Seed oil get’s rave reviews. The fats are similar to those found in our skin great for moisture, skin protection and increased elasticity. If you are creating a formula for dry, dehydrated or tired skin hemp oil may be the missing ingredient.

What makes hemp seed oil different from CBD oil?

The primary differences between CBD oil and Hemp Seed oil are how they are extracted and their properties. CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and Hemp Seed oil is extracted from the Hemp Seed. The extraction method is just the beginning of how these two oils are different. You also want to consider the qualities of each oil when deciding if you want to incorporate in a product.

Is CBD Oil the same as Hemp Seed Oil?

CBD oil is not the same as Hemp Seed oil. They are often confused because they come from the same plant. CBD oils come from isolating and extracting CBD from the hemp plant. Whereas Hemp Seed oils come from crushing the seed pods of the plant for their oils, there is no THC in them. CBD is known for its THC levels whereas Hemp Seed oils will have minimal if any THC levels which is the compound responsible for psychoactivity.

Should you use CBD or Hemp Oil for soap making?

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Live. Hello, everybody. My name is ZaKia Ringgold and I have gotten a question in my inbox. I've gotten some responses from my blog having to do with CBD oil. So this is going to be a really quick answer to whether or not you should be using CBD oil in your soap and your skincare products or anything else.

So if you're interested, be sure to click the button to know when I'm live and stick around because that's what we're covering right now. Ready? Here it goes.

Okay, everybody, so thank you for joining. Let me see. Where did it break? Where did we break? Let's find out.

So if you are new, I'm Zakia of Live Soap School as well as naturalsoapbyzakia.com. And I have a really quick batch to make before my mom duties show on up. Who's that saying, hey, that's drea. It looks like I broke it somewhere. Hold on, let me go and fix that.

Hey, Melissa, good to see you. I have you over here on my screen so I can actually see your comments. Thank you all for coming in. So this is going to be a quick broadcast. I'm doing a very basic soap right now, so I figured I could probably talk while I am making it.

There are three things that we have to consider and let me tell Page to take those skates off upstairs because that's all I'm going to hear is clink, clink nyla. Tell her to take those skates off upstairs. Don't yell it. Go upstairs and tell her. Thank you very much.

Let me see. I have to come here for a quick second because it did not land and I don't know why. So I have found that if I drear, can you let me know? Warning.

Let's fix it then and try again. What's that warning? I got a warning that I don't know what the warning is for. Whatever. I'll just repurpose it and let them see it later.

So we are talking about CBD oil, which stands for cannabidiol oil. And cannabidiol oil typically comes from the hemp plant. And there are three things, four things that have happened. So we recently had a farm bill that passed and that farm bill made the production of hemp legal or not illegal on a federal level. However, there are some things that happen at a state level and then some things that happen in an industry level that we have to be I'm great on Facebook.

That's very good to know. Thank you. That we have to be very cognizant of as product makers. So in looking at using CBD oil good morning, dryer Buzz, how are you? So CBD oil is known for its therapeutic properties, whereas hemp seed oil is known for its properties that it applies to the skin.

So there are some conditioning properties and all of that, but there are three things that you really need to consider. And I've said three things about four times. So I probably should tell you what those things are. Nice to see you seen the topic and my whole soap line, Melissa, well, maybe you will have some insight. My whole soap line is based off of CBD oil.

I've been working on it for seven years as it has been here in Colorado. So you got the state and the federal checkmark. My dear hey Shelba, I'm going to have to reach out to you. Please send me your email because I have a couple of questions and maybe you can add some context in the comments. So as a soap maker, we're teetering and tottering between two very interesting lines.

There is a soap, there is a cosmetic and there's a drug. When you move into the area of making a claim that your product can do insert, cure something, you are moving it from that space of a cosmetic into a drug. So even if you are not saying that, hey, my product is going to do a particular thing, but you are leaving the intention or the interpretation up to the consumer, then you could run into some trouble with the FDA. But that's not really what I was going with for this broadcast. Just to consider introducing CBD products into your line.

As a business owner, there are three things. Number one, is it legal? Can you legally make the product? So we have Melissa on the line or on the stream, I should say. We have Melissa on the stream that says she's been doing it for seven years, but she's also based in Colorado, so the federal law has said, yes, it's okay.

And on the state level, because we know there's all kinds of dispensaries and all kinds of stuff in Colorado for the cannabis industry, including CBD. So she's covered from a federal level and a state level. But if you're like me in a state of Pennsylvania where they're not so progressive, by the way, from a state level, it's not legal cannabis products anyway. CBD products are kind of sort of making their way in there because they're covered by the farm bill and because the THC levels are so low, I feel cleaner longer with Natural soap by Zakia.

Let me bring you up there. She probably used a soap emoji and unfortunately the comments haven't brought it. But she's wrong side. As you can see, we have a living breathing testimonial. Okay, I'm getting off track and I have to do mommy duties in 22 minutes, so I got to wrap this thing up.

So because of that farm bill, CBD is not illegal. And you see how I have my air quotes up? Hey there, Laura, I have my air quotes up for that. So you got to think about from your state level, can you use CBD products? I came over here to YouTube now.

Oh, thank you, Drea, I appreciate it. And so we got the state part done, then we have to consider, do you really want to put such an expensive ingredient in a wash off products? And I'm thinking that a lot of times the answer to that is yes. Other times you may want to use it for a scrub or a lotion or a balm or a soap or even a melt and pour because it's not interacting with the lye will do. Yes, I'm about to make soap, baby.

So you got to be right there. Their page, you're on YouTube page. Well, they're on that computer screen right there, but the camera is right there. So if you want to talk to them, you got to look that way. If you want to see them, you got to look that way.

So we talked about the state level. So now let's talk about the products, the actual product. What about a mask? You could probably do a CBD mask if you can check off these next two items. So let's say, hey, Paige.

Hi. Say hello. What did you do this morning? And you did what, like, sit down on your bottom or on your knee? And so we talked about the state level.

We talked about if the ingredient is going to withstand your soap making process by it going in with the lye. So it's being better off being used in a hot process soap or using a CBD isolate. We'll talk about that in another broadcast. Hot dog la is saying queen page is in the building. Good to see you.

You're not tours on here, so you're trying to keep me confused. The next part that you have to think about is, will your insurance carrier cover you for CBD products because it's in so much limbo, because there's so much going on in controversy on whether or not it's a holistic ingredient, what the intention of it is, will your insurance carrier cover you as a product maker for using that particular ingredient? And if the answer is no and you are in business, you want to be careful because we live in a very litigious society. We live in an extremely page I'm talking with my hands for page. We live in an extremely litigious society.

So you don't want to actually end up being sued and you don't have the coverage for the product that you're using. Now, for a lot of you that are actually I can't do that anymore, pay stock, a lot of you that are actually selling your products online. And see, this is why I say the federal government, the state government and even pharmaceutical companies, their pockets run very deep. Because even though the federal law has said it, said it's okay, you are going to run into a lot of problems trying to sell your products online if they contain CBD oil or hemp oil in them, because most of the primary payment processors, PayPal, stripe, authorize, net, all of them, disallow the selling and accepting payment for CBD products or hemp seed oil products. So then you need to go and find an alternative which fees are probably going to be higher.

So when you think about those three things, whether or not it's legal for you to sell it in your state, or four things actually legal for you to sell it in your state, the benefits page, you got to stop and I'm about to make soap, so you got to get down because I'm about to use the live backup kids. So you got to think about all of those things. And I'm going to be doing a series here on the live stream, see how I caught myself because I don't know where I'm going to be. I don't know where I'm going to be. Go over there.

On each one of those four areas that you need to consider if you are thinking about selling products with CBD oil in them, the science is there to back how beneficial it is and the benefits and the THC levels being so low. However, if you can't sell it legally, if you can't get insurance for it, if the product that you make is not going to actually have those benefits that you are hoping to get by including CBD into your product, and if you can't accept payment for it, CBD in your soap may not be the best idea. So I hope that answers your question or gives you even more questions. Not really to answer your questions, but things to consider because right now people are and we had Melissa on here very early on. She's been selling CBD products for seven years.

I'm going to get up in her inbox and maybe I can do an interview with her to ask her some questions. But you got to think about from a federal level to a state level. And even in your county good topic. Thanks, Cynthia. Even in your county, what is permissible?

Because you got to work within the realm of where you are, then you have to think about, okay, so I know I've done the research on what CBD oil can offer my products. Hopefully you're also using your product knowledge and how you formulate and create those products to think, will this process that I'm about to use in the ingredient that I'm about to add withstand so that once it comes out of the pot, once it comes out of the pot, are we still going to get those benefits that we want by using this very expensive ingredient? And if you're in business, you have to consider the CBD oil and the benefits that it claims versus the perception that people have of it. Is it going to be worth that return on investment for you to actually use it? The third thing is, if you are in business, you have to have insurance for your product.

You have to have product liability insurance. So your insurance can go from being $700 a year to close to $3,000 a year. If you want to include CBD products in your lineup, are you going to sell that much? Is it going to pay for itself? Everything is in balance.

And then the last thing is if you sell online or if you're accepting credit card payments, that's why they say cash is king. Page, you didn't just went to the other side. Get down. Cash is king. Maybe if you're accepting cash, it's not a big deal.

But if you are like most people that are selling online or you go to these events and you have a swipe or no swiping machine, you may need to do a little more research and you'll see that your costs are going to go up when you use, I don't want to say rogue, but these off the wall kind of payment processors. Now a lot of people say, well, I just won't say what the product is that I'm selling. Okay? But what if you have a very thriving business with that particular product and your payment processor finds out that you've kind of been skirting under the rug trying to get away with it and then all of a sudden you're shut down, can't accept payments, your site, whatever, is it worth it? Do it right the first time.

And so I guess the whole purpose when you're creating products with CBD, it's important to know the science behind. Yes, indeed, Cynthia. Yes indeed. I quote you on that. So you want to think about all of those things.

You want to think about them all. You want to do some calculations on, am I going to get what I think I'm going to get by offering this? Because it's the hot new thing. CBD oil is taking over by storm. If you do a Google search on it, I mean the pages and the pages and the pages, they just keep on going for people saying, oh my God, I got this solved.

It's amazing. It's incredible. Again, be very, very careful. Be very careful about the claims. Because just because you are making a soap, in particular, this is for my soap makers.

If you start making claims that because your product contains this particular ingredient, which means it's going to do this no longer a cosmetic, you are making it a drug. And the FDA or the Facebook trolls that I like to call them on, all the groups that love to pull you up, when they send you that C send assist letter, you'll be all over their blog. You don't want to be all over their blog. So don't go making no claims that you can't substantiate. Hey, everyone in the chat.

Silly mommy for life. Good to see you. So I am going to soak down. I thought that I was going to make soap, but I started running my mouth. I'm kind of watching Page out of the corner of my eye.

Nihilist foot is kind of, sort of tapping on the couch like, I hope I'm not late. I hope I'm not late for her theater practice. Page, get them over there.

Do you guys have any questions? Do you guys have any questions? Page, I'm going to punch you. Go that way.

She got her goggles on. She got the cash register going to tap, tap, tap. And there's all kinds of plastic going on over there. Do you want my attention? You had it since 08:00 this morning.

Yes, ma'am. I want your attention until time to go to sleep. Would you be willing to share what to look for? Insurance. Good morning, dream.

I have both dreams here. Yes. That will be on the next video because we're going to break it down from the legal requirements to the insurance requirements to the payment processor requirements and also will it survive? We're going to do a CBD test. Will it actually survive in these products that we are attempting to include them in?

Or is it just label candy? Are we jumping on the bandwagon to say, hey, by the way, my product has CBD oil in them. Great. Thank you, hot dog. You're welcome.

You're welcome. All right, guys, I'm going to go ahead and continue my mommy duty stuff and I will either record the making of this soapy or we'll go live again. Bye, guys.

Okay, I can't leave because we have a question and it came from sillymommy for life. All of my products are available on my website of naturalsoapbyzakia.com. Have a nice day. Let me see if I can grab this. Let me put it in the chat.

Boom. There is my website. Hopefully it comes up. Let me give it a couple of seconds. Maybe it will, maybe it won't.

I don't know. Bye, guys. That would be known as a blooper reel. If I had one of those timers. There it is.

It did come up. If I had one of those timers, it would kick and then I would have did that. That's what that is. When we come on after our little commercials there. That means there was something I forgot to say.

I'm Zakia Ringgold. Goodbye, everyone. Seriously. This time I'm going to let you all go. Where is my end?

There it is.


While both oils offer incredible benefits to the skin, the ingredient you choose to use in your handmade products is going to depend on what you want to make and who you are making it for. While there are a lot of considerations there are five things to consider.

  1. Is CBD Oil Legal to use?
  2. Will your payment processor shut down your merchant account for selling products that contain CBD oil or Hemp seed oil?
  3. How will you label it and avoid making medical claims to stay in compliance with labeling requirements?
  4. Can you make a profitable product with this ingredient?
  5. Will the benefits you are after with the ingredient last through the soap making process?

How do you intend to use the CBD or Hemp product?

If you’re planning to make the product for yourself, there are fewer concerns and it’s easier to make whatever you want. You need to know about proper labeling rules and ensure that you aren’t claiming anything about the products ability to alter the mental or physical states of people. Check out the FDA website along with Marie Gales book for proper labeling and packaging.

Can you afford to use the ingredient in your product?

Hemp Seed Oil typically costs 5.00 per pound. CBD oil is pretty difficult to find unless you are using private label or a wholesale account. Many suppliers are carrying an isolate with 1 gram of the CBD isolate costing about $30.00. You can check out one of my favorite suppliers for both Hemp Seed Oil and CBD isolate here.

Now there is a huge difference between $5.00 per pound and $30.00 per gram if you are making for personal use by all means make whatever you choose. But if you are making a product to sell can you do so profitably with these ingredients. Another question to ask is can you do so legally?

Proper Labeling is Essential

If you determine that you will start to make products with CBD oil or Hemp oil as an ingredient be very mindful of your product claims. Marie Gale has a great book that I highly recommend to help you stay in compliance with labeling your bath and body products.

Here are some additional links for more information on CBD oil and it’s benefits.

Where CBD is legal and more information

DEA Guidance on CBD

Benefits of CBD oil

Alternative Payment Processors that allow CBD products

Hemp Oil Soap Recipe

hemp seedsThis Hemp Oil recipe is a unique spin on a Bastille recipe so maybe we will call it a Hastille soap LOL. Traditionally Bastille soap recipes are primarily olive oil with a small percentage of additional oils to add to the lather capability and hardness. We are going to replace a portion of the olive oil with Hemp Seed oil. One additional benefit of this recipe is it would be considered Vegan! If your family or customers are vegetarian this would be an excellent addition to their skincare routine.

Remember to wear your safety gear while making cold process soap to avoid injury.

This recipe will yield 2 pounds of soap:

  • Hemp Seed Oil – 3.4 Ounces
  • Coconut Oil – 6.7 Ounces
  • Olive Oil – 7.8 Ounces
  • Cocoa Butter – 4.5 Ounces
  • Distilled Water – 8.5 Ounces
  • Sodium Hydroxide – 3.2 Ounces

Additional Soap Recipes

I also wrote The New Vegan Soap Cookbook which is packed with a ton of plant based recipes for soap makers. If you want to get your hands on it, it’s available here.

What do you think?

  • Is it worth adding this new ingredient? Do you already use CBD oil in your handmade soap?

Let me know in the comments.


Soap Making Books


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