Rebatch Soap When Homemade Soap Misbehaves

Watch this video to see the results of a rebatch. Sometimes our soap doesn’t do exactly what we want in the mold. We try very hard to get it right the first time but for some reason it just doesn’t come out right. Rebatching in Natural Soap is a method where we get a second chance to redeem our handmade creations.

Making Natural Soap on a Live Broadcast

I was on Instagram doing a little bit of preparation and realized I had every color in the rainbow for show. I needed something a little more masculine. I asked the live viewers, “What other color can I use”. Somebody responded “GRAY”! Watch the full broadcast here.

Can You Use Mica Powder to Make Soap

If you have ever watched me make soap you already know that color excites me! Color changes a simple loaf into a work of art or a disaster depending on how it’s mixed, poured or combined in the mold. The true color of the soap cannot be determined until after the cure is complete. This is because chemistry is still at work.

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