Labels for Your Soap and Cosmetics Business

When you are making products as a hobbyist you may not be as concerned with the rules and regulations. When you venture out to start selling your products as a business you must be aware and comply with the rules. Otherwise you can find yourself in some pretty hot...

Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives for Homemade Vegan Soap

Plant Milk for Your Plant Based Vegan Soap What is it Why is it beneficial and what’s causing the change:  Non-Dairy Alternatives – Top Plant Milks 1. Soy Milk – Most Common non-dairy alternative for...

Rebatch Soap When Homemade Soap Misbehaves

Watch this video to see the results of a rebatch. Sometimes our soap doesn’t do exactly what we want in the mold. We try very hard to get it right the first time but for some reason it just doesn’t come out right. Rebatching in Natural Soap is a method where we get a second chance to redeem our handmade creations.

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