Soap Making Equipment Articles

Soapmaking for Beginners: How to Make Large Batches of Soap in a Slab Mold

Learn how to increase your soap-making capacity with a slab mold! This blog post will explore the supplies you need to make larger batches, as well as a video demonstrating the process.

Shrink Wrapping Soap: The Good, the Bad, and the Bubbly

Discover the pros and cons of shrink wrapping your handmade soap creations. Plus, watch a video demonstration on how to shrink wrap your soap.

Make Professional Soap Packaging Easy with a Shrink Wrap System

Watch this video demo to learn how a shrink wrap system can save you time and create professional packaging for your homemade soap business.

How to use Soap Log Splitter to cut Slabs of Soap

Soap slabs allow you to make larger batches of soap in a single production. In order to cut them you need a log splitter. Watch this video demo of my cutting process with a log splitter.

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