Makers Tale Articles

Grief Therapy to Successful Business: Interview with Cynthia Hill

Uncover the story of a soap maker’s journey from grief therapy to a successful 20-year business using traditional methods and the power of mindset.

Overcoming Resistance and Exploring Creativity Interview with Bee Iyata of Sorcery Soap

Listen to this podcast interview to learn how a series of fortunate mistakes led Bee Iyata to Soap Dough and the creation of a supportive online community for soap makers.

Why you should Market Your Soap in Person – Makers Tale Podcast Interview

Sick of trying to figure out social media to grow your business? Listen in as Debra Sturdevant shares her makers tale with growing a handmade business with traditional marketing.

The Vibrant Soapers Story – Clyde Yoshida

Clyde Yoshida hosted a session on color theory at the annual soap conference. Here are some key take-aways from his session on his path to vibrance and tips for soap makers in creating color schemes for soap projects.