Can’t find hand sanitizer? Make Your Own Soap!
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Can’t find hand sanitizer? Make Your Own Soap!

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  1. Frances Shurley

    I’m making the hand sanitizers too my our family since the stores are out

  2. John Byrd

    Much love and much respect something amazing just happened I was cross streaming and actually doing something on the disease itself your notification popped up and me and my entire audience came here

  3. John Byrd

    Exactly soap and hygiene has never been so critical as of now

  4. Andrea Whitlock

    OMG Zakia I read your New book and it’s Aweeesssome very informative. Loved it.

  5. Frances Shurley

    Thank goodness learning soap from your classes I got supplies

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Tracey Goodwin Barnes you made a great decision with that. Thinking of reordering my quarterly soap supply order early just to have it on hand

      • Tracey Goodwin Barnes

        i bought this last year and have no idea why i bought the 100% i usually get the 70%.

  6. Frances Shurley

    I got the grain but it was for something else at the holidays

  7. Lorraine Womack

    Good evening to everyone and to the Beautiful soap Queen zakia

  8. Frances Shurley

    Omg that’s funny didn’t think about still n grain too

  9. Frances Shurley

    Do you have your newest book at home so I can get you to sign it, I have the other 3 just need that 4th one.

  10. Frances Shurley

    Which two lyes in this one and do we preservative

  11. Frances Shurley

    Is this better in glass bottles or plastic or does it matter?

  12. Lorraine Womack

    They just say that tom Hanks and his wife just tested positive for Coronavirus sending prayers to both of them

  13. Frances Shurley

    What brand is that stick blender it’s been a great one

  14. Frances Shurley

    Put your iPad on it and lil tub to the side so cool watch a movie in the tub

  15. Sarah Shep

    Omg the media I think is making this crazy


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