Can’t find hand sanitizer? Make Your Own Soap!

What’s the most effective way to clean your hands? Soap but do you know Walmart’s in your soap? In this live stream we talk about the benefits of hand soap and things to consider when making your own hand sanitizer at home.

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  1. MrDaniloko23

    you don’t wear a mask when mixing the lye? your room seems not to be well ventilated

    • Zakia Ringgold

      At some point I’ll show the entire soap room but there are three windows and a fan out of the camera view. On the broadcasts you guys only see the table

  2. Charmaine Hurst

    From Philadelphia Hi Zakia From Philadelphia. I am really amazed of you using potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide together to make liquid soap. I always seen and read using potassium hydroxide only for liquid soap. Also the use of 90% alcohol with it to make the liquid soap. I would thought it would be hazardous and a lot of fumes.

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