Can you use CBD oil in your soap?

In this live podcast SoapLadyZ discusses some of the reasons you may not want to include this particular ingredient in your soap.Read more on the blog at:

CBD Oil – Can you put it in your soap?

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    Hi Zakia! I was wondering how I could/should add CBD isolate to my soap or should I use the oil? I don’t know how much to add either.

  2. Gina Boyd

    Thank you!! I live in California and marijuana is now legal… there’s is a big demand for soap with CBD oil

    • Zakia Ringgold

      It’s definitely picking up traction we just need payment processors and federal government to get on board

  3. Judy de Jong

    I have the same question as another viewer, how to incorporate CBD Isolate into my glycerin soaps, what is the ratio?

  4. Laura Harris

    will cbd oil on the skin help with pain and how would you add the cbd oil into a cold process soap ?, I don’t plan on selling cbd soaps it’s for a family member who has a lot of pain.

    • Zakia Ringgold

      Hi Laura the claims for CBD are that they have soothing properties for the skin. As soap makers we are not able to make any kinds of claims as that moves it from a cosmetic to an unapproved drug. As far as using it in cold process soap I’m not sure that the properties would withstand the high temperatures of soap. I would consider adding at the end of a cook with hot process soap or maybe even using in a lotion or balm before soap as it stays on the skin longer. Good luck with your experiments

  5. NinaRoseTreasures

    Thank you

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