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Building Confidence and Stay Motivated Interview with Tara Brown

Tara Brown is the owner of My Shai’ Bath and Body Treats in Philadelphia. She has been making products since 2006 but her magical moment of a Soap Business started as a result of making products for her children for their skincare needs in 2015. Tara embraces her gift of product making to believe in herself and be patient with herself. When she finds herself frustrated she will research, find resources and keep trying. Listen in to learn how Tara builds her business, overcomes challenges and what keeps her motivated to keep going in her handmade business.

Key Takeaways

  • As a creative you are always excited to create your own art
  • Top of the line ingredients can give you a sense of confidence
  • Look for the joy in what you do and believe in yourself
  • The bathroom can be an incredible oasis and escape, Tara’s products helps with self care in their moment of Get away
  • Have a budget and keep your product line manageable

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