Soak Away Stress with Bubble Bars You can Make at home

In this episode of Super Soap Sunday we walk through how to make your own bubble bars at home.

The best way to mix things up if you are a bath bomb lover but also want to mix things up is to make bubble bars! They are a fun and easy way to get a bubbly experience in your bath. Plus, they can be made at home with just a few ingredients and are really easy to make. We are going to walk you through step-by-step how to make bubble bars in this post, so you can enjoy them as soon as you like.

What is a bubble bar?

As a solid form of bubble bath, bubble bars are called a variety of names, including bath truffles, bubble scoops, ice cream scoops, bubble bath scoops, or solid bubble baths. They all work the same way, regardless of what they are called. You can customize them according to your individual preferences, as they are made from readily available ingredients.

bubble bars

In order to make the bubble scoops, you need baking soda, citric acid, fragrance or essential oil, and a blend of butters such as cocoa, shea or mango butter as the base ingredients. It is a perfect way to give yourself some extra self-care by adding one of these bath time treats to your tub. And best of all, you can make it yourself.

You can create the perfect experience, by customizing the scent, color, and additives of the bubble bar based on your preferences.

Benefits of Making DIY Bubble Scoops

You can save money, customize your own creations and get creative with bubble scoops. With a few simple steps and a bit of creativity, you can create your own bath time masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating lemon scent or a calming lavender fragrance, you can easily find the exact ingredients to make your bubble bar fit your wants. Plus, with all the money saved from not having to buy pre-made bubble scoops, you can invest in other luxuries for your bath time experience. So start saving some cash and get creative with your own handmade bath truffles.

Since you can customize them, you can make them to your exact specifications. Whether you want a floral, fruity, or sweet scent, the possibilities are virtually endless. You can even add some color to your bubble bars by adding mica colorants, clays or skin-safe pigments. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect ingredients since most of them can be found at your local grocery store. 

DIY bubble bars are also a fun and creative way to relax and pamper yourself at home and make your day special. It’s an easy and fun craft that can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. 

How to Make Your Own Bubble Bars At home

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make your own bubble bars? It’s much simpler than you think – all you need is a few household items, some creative flare and a splash of your favorite essential oil or fragrance. 

What You will need

  • 1 ounce Cocoa Butter
  • 1 ounce Shea butter
  • 10 Ounces Baking Soda
  • 5.5 Ounces Citric Acid
  • 3 Ounces SLSA
  • 3 Teaspoons colorant (optional)
  • 1 oz Fragrance oil
  • 1/2 oz of Polysorbate 80

This recipe will make approximately 24 bubble scoops

How to make the Bubble Scoops

  1.  Melt Cocoa butter and shea butter, set aside
  2. Combine and mix baking soda, citric acid, colorant and SLSA (wear a face mask until all ingredients mixed with liquid ingredients)
  3. Pour melted cocoa butter and shea butter mixture into dry ingredients
  4. Add fragrance oil and poly 80
  5. Mix well until it feels like cookie dough
  6. Using a cookie dough scooper or ice cream scooper, scoop into bath balls
  7. Let dry overnight and Enjoy

Tips and Tricks for Using DIY Bubble Bars

SLSA is one of the ingredients that can be irritating to the throat. I recommend wearing a mask while mixing the ingredients to prevent coughing. Once you add the wet ingredients this will not be an issue. Also, you can add colorants and essential oils to give your bubble bars an extra boost of scent and visual appeal. I always incorporate my colorant with my dry ingredients. I find that it allows for a more event distribution of the color. You also want to ensure the scent lasts for a long time so be sure to store your bubble bars in an airtight container. 

When you are ready to use the bubble scoops, hold a scoop under your running bath water and crumble it. It will create a luxurious bubble bath for you to relax and enjoy. If you have added color or scent it will turn the color of the water and fill your bathroom with the aroma you selected.

For more bubble scoop inspiration check out this playlist of other makers on Youtube.

Final Say

Making your own bubble bars is a fun and easy way to add a little something extra to your bath time routine. With just a few ingredients and the right know-how, you can make yourself DIY bubble bars that are truly one-of-a-kind! You can customize them any way you like – from shape, to scent, to color – and they’re sure to make your baths even more enjoyable. So grab your supplies, get creative, and enjoy your homemade bubble bars, bath scoops, bubble truffles or whatever you want to call them! If you haven’t had enough DIY fun try out this recipe 

Until Next time…

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Where we were supposed to land. I hope so. Let me come back if you have never been with me before. Number one, this is our Super Soap Sunday, which means we do something that has to do with the tub every single Sunday. My name is Zakia Ringgold of Naturalsoap by Zakia, as well as live

And I swear to you, you I am not over here looking at a script. I am actually looking over here to make sure we got a lot of you folks over there on Periscope. Hey, Periscope. How are you? All right.

Now I can bring it back. Much love, much respect. Right back to you. We also have dryer buzz here. Let me see.

Will it come up? We got a lot of you over on that side here. There's Dryer Buzz saying, hey, all of the dads out there, happy Father's Day to every single one of you. What was he calling it? Dope dad.

This was a dope dad weekend. Hey, Dreya. How are you? Fine to you on petterscope. I'm very happy that you were able to find me.

So tonight it was very good. My aunt has been here working tirelessly. You guys know I work full time. I have this soap thing. So that means some things kind of sort of fall by the wayside, meaning taking care of the house.

But my aunt has been here and she is doing that. She's taking care of the house. Hey, there, Jim and I. And she's still here. It was a task.

It was definitely a task. All right, so I have brought you guys up again. If you are not already connected with me, depending on where you are, click that subscribe button, click that follow button, click that like button. And don't forget, the most important button would be that share button. So tonight we are going to be making some bubble boots.

These are going to look like ice cream suits. I do need to wear this mask, and that's because it's such fine particles, it could in a little bit of time by me constantly mixing them, mess with my lungs. And I need my lungs for the long term. So I'm going to put our mask on. And this does a couple of things.

Number one, it's kind of sort of like clickbait because people are like, what in the heck is she doing? And then it also makes sure that you want to say thank you so much. Thank you so much for checking the bases. So I already have our ingredients mixed up in here, our dry ingredients. I'm going to refer the people that are coming to the conference because I'm sharing this recipe with the people at the conference.

This is going to be the video that shows you how to make that recipe that's in the pamphlet. So what this is is all of our dry ingredients are mixed in here first. I even have my color in here. And then I also have all of our liquid ingredients. I will tell you, our liquid ingredients include shea butter.

It also includes cocoa butter, and it also includes our scent. And the nice thing about this is it's going to create a bubble bed, but it also conditions the water. I said yesterday when we were making these, it moisturizes the water. You can't moisturize water. It's already moist.

And so what I'm going to do is I'm going to slowly or not so slowly, mix this up and we're going to have a total of four. And we already made our green apple the other night. Tonight we are making a lilac, which is why we have this purple here. You guys can't see the purple, but you can see that stuff flying on up. You can see it flying on up.

Now, I do recommend if you're going to do this recipe, wear your face mask until you have incorporated your liquid ingredients because then the small particles are not airborne anymore. So we're doing a lilac, we're doing a peaches and cream and black cherry. And the other night we made a green apple. Much love. Got you on YouTube.

EU for sight. I just want you to know that you are still one of our number one supporters. I told you about our soap bubbles. I still don't know what our prize is going to be for soap bubbles. Hey there, Ms.

Francis. I still have no idea what our prize is going to be for soap bubbles, but I'm working on it. You've gotten some golden bubbles, my friend, because you have let me know that we have landed every single place that we need to land. All right, so that's pretty well mixed. I feel like it's mixed.

You can kind of tell by your hand. Some people would use a hand mixer. You can even put this on your stand mixer. Peaches and cream. That's a song by 112 that reminds me of the good old days when we were in school.

We would do line dances. Peaches and cream. I need it because you know that I'm speaking. That would be a whole song and we would do a whole line dance. It would be pretty cool.

All right, so that's kind of well mixed, as you can see. Looks like powder in my hands. Looks like powder. All right, so I'm going to slowly add in our liquid ingredients. I'm going to give it a little stir just to make sure everything is blended up together.

Now, I did add polysorbate 80 in here because that helps to disperse the oils in the water. And then it also helps to make sure that you don't have any color sticking to your tub. We don't want that. Hey, Gemini. Are you dancing?

You know that song, Pizzas and Cream? I need it because I didn't mean to use this Saturday. Hey, edible fins. So we're finishing up our project from the other night. And I mean, guys, this took absolutely, positively no time to make the other night.

So I figured for Super Soap Sunday, let's just knock out the rest. I go to various soap conferences and soap gatherings. In this gathering that I'm going to, there's a product swap, which is really cool. With a product swap, you get to try out other products from makers, and then you take something as well. And this is the first time where you actually share your recipe.

So I will be making sure that on my recipe, they also have a video. Hey, Ali. They have a video to show them how to make what it is that they got. So if they want to make it and incorporate it in their product, they can do it.

That's pretty well. What's up, Josh? What are you looking for? Charges?

I may have one. I may have one right there. This house, guys, I'm not using it. We have about 16 chargers. We have about 16 chargers, but there is always somebody looking for mine.

I might have borrowed theirs, but nobody's counting. Hey, Maggie, can you make sure that's plugged in, please?

Thank you, Maggie's. Mom. I'm sorry I said that wrong. Welcome. So this is kind of like a bath farm, but not really.

It's not going to have that explosive effect that we would typically get in a bath farm. So let's go ahead and pour just a little bit more of this because we want it to feel almost like a mixture of cookie dough and play dough. You would not have your mixture that wet if you were doing a bath bomb. But because we are doing a bubble what are you making? Bath bombs?

Bubble bars. It's bubble Scoops Alley. Very exciting, very enchanting. It looks like ice cream because I'm using a scooper that gives it that feel. Okay.


All right. Now I'm going to use a whisk. I've watched a few times this is real. And just stick around. I'm glad you've come back.

That means I haven't completely turned you off, which is always a good thing. And now that I've taken the face mask off, that face mask is working really well. This is the only floral one out of all of them that I've made. And I'll show you a demo of what they do. So, Ali, a bubble scoop is definitely going to give you bubbles in the tub, and it also is going to change the color of the water.

But they're just really teeny, tiny scoops, and they actually make really good party favors as well. I've watched a few times. How will customers use it? They use it the same as well, not really as a bath bomb, what you would do is as your bathwater is running, you crumble it in your hand, or you can get like a little strainer, like a teeny tiny strainer, and hold it under running water. It's going to change your bathwater to whatever color it is just with this purple.

And then it's also going to condition the water. And you're also going to get that scent. So it's not as like with a bath bomb. When you drop it in, it spins. It kind of gives you this really huge poop.

This is just another version of that dialed down a notch. And so this comes in four different colors altogether. And this is the item that I will be giving for the session. I think I've seen you make them before, like, forever ago. Yes.

I don't make them very much. I don't typically do bath treats to have in the store. I typically do them if people want them for a custom order. These are great, guys. Think about a shower, a baby shower, a brighter shower.

If you are trying to do a custom order, this is a perfect thing for you to do. Everywhere but Twitter and Instagram. Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is being tedious. Well, thank you for letting me know, my friend.

All right, so we just put it into the super, then we just put it down.

Wait a minute. It shouldn't have been that explosive. Hold on, boy. We'll try it again. I might need to add a little more moisture now.

I do need to move pretty quick. You know how sometimes I get to talking and I forget that we're supposed to be working at the same time? Don't want to do that this time around because this will dry out and it will get harder and harder to form. There we go. So I'll bring it up so you guys can see it.

Hopefully that appears on camera. It kind of looks like an ice cream soup. So you just use your cookie dough thing. I'm a jigger. I never use the stuff I get from showers.

And this would be different. You get like, these little trinkets, and it's like, what am I going to use this for? Well, you use it in the shower. It's good for your diet. So it's not like getting cake or anything like that.

So it's really versatile. What else did you say? Everywhere but Twitter. All right, let's see. Let's pull this up, and we're going to squeeze it out.

Hello to everyone. Hey there, Lorraine. Ice cream. Social party favorite. There you go.

You got a social event. Boom. There you go. Come on out. And so again, this one here is a lilac scent.

You can use whatever fragrance you want. This is where the folks that are going to be getting these as a giveaway, and you can use any scent that you like. So the first scent that we're doing here is the lilac. Then we have peaches and cream, which is going to be orange. We already made our green apple.

I will show you what the finished ones for green apple look like. And then we're also doing black cherry and so that's the scent of them. And then this color is the color that it would turn your water. So your water would be purple with this, one green with the green apple, one orange with the peaches and cream and then red with the black cherry. We did a pole nocturnal fancy.

Fancy. I know, right? It's so cool. We did a poll on another stream when I was making the green apple the other night and I was trying to figure out, okay, so which ones are we doing? Like people said, blueberry.

I really wanted to do lemon, but lemon got voted off the island for some reason. But then on second thought, with the lemon, it probably wasn't going to be a good idea because typically if your water is yellow, probably shouldn't be doing what you were doing. Will it affect our PH balance? No edible sins. This has baking soda in it.

It also has citric acid. If you are naturally prone to certain kind of issues, I would say avoid them. If you are naturally prone to getting them, it will not cause it. But if you already have issues, I would not use any kind of bath bomb. Lemon blueberry.

See, that would have been a compromise. But you were in here. The other thing is I don't have a blueberry scent. So I said I got to use what I got to get what I want. You use what I got.

So what I had was this lilac, and I figured why not have at least one floral scent that's not too strong. I am really enjoying the live stream book. I am so glad Dreya. We have gotten some really fantastic feedback from that. I hope that you guys will start seeing at least 20 some odd folks live streaming in the very near future.

That one did not want to come out. I was, like, pressing it, pressing it. It didn't want to come out. Lol, do you have any peanut butter? I actually don't.

Page X for peanut butter sandwich today and I could not make our one. I don't have any peanut butter. Why are you asking about peanut butter? Pretel. Let me know.

Is there a peanut butter? Would you want a peanut butter in your bathtub? I don't know about that one. I don't know.

Let me see my turtle, somebody said. And these are really cool to look at, too. And as you can see, we should get 30 out of this batch and we have 30 that we need to exchange for. Oh. Curious about using it in the tub or just if I have it.

Sometimes I get nervous when I press it because I feel like I'm going to break it. But you just got to make sure it's the right consistency so as you can see, it's going in there. Just like cookie dough or ice cream. A very small ice cream.

But then this way I have this out of the way and I don't have to worry about it as the event gets closer. And it gave us something to stream for Supersoap Sunday. The reason I like this in particular is everybody's talking about self care. I am a proponent that self care starts in the tub first. Self care should always start in the tub as you are cleansing your body.

Hello to everyone. Happy Father's Day to all the dads. Again. Today is not only Super Soap Sunday, but it's also Father's Day. So for all the amazing dads out there that are doing the day going saying, I am live, terry, number one, let me just thank you, because even when I'm not live, you always comment on the video.

So thank you for that. But you caught us and you've got mail. You've got mail on the way. All right, so let's get this one. Come on out.

That one almost broke on you guys. That one almost had it. I got to mix it. I see at the bottom. It wasn't as mixed as I thought it would be.

I have bigger ice cream soups. I need the small one. You are kicking it on Twitter. Kicking it. Kicking it.

So I got to give it the shoulder dance. I didn't see you yet. They're so janky on that platform that you just mentioned. Theory. I'm not going to say it out loud because they don't know which one I'm talking about.

I'm on several right now, but that one that you mentioned, they're not very loyal. Yes, you should have gotten a tracking number. And whatnot today was very productive. Yesterday was even more productive.

My aunt doesn't like being on camera, but if you guys can see the magic that she has performed in my house in terms of getting it clean, it's amazing. You might put ours in this one. That would be fun. You have some bubbles. It would disintegrate pretty quickly.

Watercolor would change. But that would be cool. That would be very cool. All right, guys, so we should probably have about I got to count them. I'm not sure.

Looks like me making cake pops yet, but do you have all this nonsense? But look, I got two more batches to make. I can't have it. This message that's going to be a small one. Don't give anybody a half a bubble suit.

We had a tornado on my last night. Our mail will be closing. Wait, what does that say? Put that up there again, Terry, because it's like missing letters.

So we just keep on doing the same thing.

Town. We had a tornado in my town last night. Our mall will be closed. What do you got to get from the mall?

All right, we got those. Come on out and then I will show you what the I'm going to do the peaches and cream one before I switch over and show you what we already did with the green apple. But as you can see, we can knock these out pretty quickly. That was a whole batter. It looks like I got a whole tan situation going on.

That color is interesting.

Once they get stuck in there, you can't do it. I do have another one of these, but this is the one I got from the pizza parlor. So it was broken very well.

I got these from my job. When we have vendors come in and they bring what is it? Ice buckets. This is what they serve the ice buckets in, but they never come back to get them, so we're free to take them. We had a tornado in my town last night at Christmas.

You work at JCP. Are they still open? I didn't know that that stool was open. That purple is pretty. I love this color.

Purple. I want to say purple. Purple, all that fun stuff. All right, so we got that one, and I think that's our last one. I'm not going to be able I'm not going to be able to get it.

Yeah, there's not enough. Make it enough, Johnny. All right, so we did our purple ones first. I'm going to move these slide to lift. Or that's the right, but you guys might think it's left.

So we got 2468. Who do we appreciate? 1012, 14, 1618, 2022-242-62830. We got two extras. I only needed 30.

OOH. Why aren't we talking about those golden soap bubbles? Euper site, are you still here? Euper site, are you still here? Here is our second batch that we're going to work on.

This one has helped pay for my eight grandkids. Chris.

I get it, my dear. So I have these really inexpensive gloves until I read up. I had my hair colored this purple once. Wait a minute. Ollie, I want you to comment.

Why don't you come up? Show me. So did you have, like, Nyla wants unicorn here? Do you think I should let her do it? My aunt would say heck no.

Heck no. We won't go. You can't have no purple hair. No unicorn hair. Matches your purple spatulas.

What else are you guys saying? It says, new comments. No singing. I know. Lorraine, I forgot you were here.

Is the dog around? As long as the dog is not around, I'm allowed to sing. I thought if the dog is there, I'm not allowed to sing because it sends their dog crying in the other room. You have had unicorn here. Wow.

So we have quite a few of you here on all of the platforms. Do me a favor, put your name in and where you are from. And of course, if it's your first time, put it in number one. If you've been here before, put in an Emoji. I am going to go ahead and start getting our second batch done.

Oh, please PM me a picture. I would love, love to see that.

I hate those gloves. I know, they just kind of roll up. But I just need to be able to get in there and do the darn thing. So this one is going to be our peaches and cream. It's a beautiful shade of orange.

Lorraine over there on Facebook cheating on us. I love when you cheer and dance and happy. Now one thing I can't do is playing pharrell that will get me kicked off the internet. At this point, I think you first site with the emoji. Mrs.

Mimi. It's your very first time. Well, we need to properly welcome you guys. Please welcome miss Mimi into soap nation. We are very happy to have you.

I like to say we run one of the cleanest broadcasts on the interwoods. Like even in social media land, they're all welcoming you. We have a butterfly from Alley. We have thumbs up from miss Francis. Nocturnal art.

But to keep it going, just to keep it going, thank you very much, miss. The music the music makes all the difference. But the way these streams are set up, miss Perry with a bouquet of flowers that kind of matches our lilac purple we got going on right there. Hey, Dreya. How are you?

We have both Dreya's here tonight, which is always exciting. But for Ms. Mimi, you're new. Claudia with the upside down smiley face. I did that wrong.

Guys, welcome to the family. We are a very friendly bunch. We only have one rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Unless you would be mean to yourself, then don't do that.

Welcome all newbies here to natural soap by Zuckia Zakia. Was with my name. My eye is cracking up. Like, what is wrong with my niece? There is something wrong with her.

Carol, everybody said, you're awesome. Thank you.

She said, thank you. Thank you. The silent one with those eyeballs. I see you. I would say what you're looking at?

But ma'am, you have your camera on. What do you think? What do you think is being looked at? All right. So our orange is pretty well blended or blended as much as we go and blend it and keep it clean.

That's our second rule. Do unto others. My aunt is taking a picture of her handywear. She was like, you guys won't believe it. She did the kitchen and the living room.

Hi, Aunt Carol. She's so shy. I don't get my camera stuff from my aunt Carol, that's for sure. She's like, don't put me on those social media. I've made it all this time.

That's enough. I don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it. That's her song.

Be kind. They're given all the rules for being in soap nation, guys. Very easy to be a part of soap nation. Be kind. Keep it clean.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Are there any other rules that I'm oh, and share. Sharing is caring if you have not already shared the broadcast to your Facebook peak. No, I said that wrong. Your periscope peak, your YouTube tubers, your Facebook friends and or foes.

Because sometimes, even though they're on your Facebook list, they may not be your friend, they may be your foe, but give them something to look at either way. Host a watch party, whatever it is that you want to do, it's late at night. They're going to say, what are you doing up this late? Watching somebody making something for the bathroom. Can she come to my room next, pretty please?

We're working on it. We're working on it, Ollie. She'll be there. No, I'm not going to promise her here because I kind of want to keep it to myself because once word gets out, it's out. All right, so we're going to go ahead and mix in our pieces and cream, guys.

It smells the boil. I can never see the comments on here. It's not just you, it's me. Don't you hate when somebody starts a sentence like that? Wait a minute, hold on.

Let me see. What are you making, Terry? We are making bubble coop. I will be attending a soap make another soap. I'm actually going to soap makers gathering, but I'll be attending a soap makers gathering.

And while we are there, there is a product swap and I'm sharing a recipe with them, which is this one. But then this video will be for them to be able to see how to actually make it if they have questions. So let's see what you guys are saying. I can never see the comments on here. There they are for yourea right there.

Boom. A little lower. A little bit lower now. Sorry. Lorraine and Laura will kick my butt.

Nocturnal arts is saying hey. Auntie Ali is saying come do her neck. She's ready, she's waiting. She's able. Yes.

Dreya is saying hey to her twin. Dryer buds are saying hey. Hey. What else? Bubble bubble pop.

No, not bubble, bubble pop. These are bubble scoops. So they're very similar. So I got most of your comments up there, guys, I don't want to have the liquid just kind of sitting. We want it to stay mixed and moving and grooving and shaking.

And so it comes in a four pack where they get the purple, they get the orange, they get the red and they get the green. It's only seven points. It never rains and sudden Tyler fungi. I only sung that because I knew you would get upset with me for singing it, but it just matched with what we had going on. So again, this has all of our liquid ingredients.

So if you are watching from the gathering, this one here is you do all of your dry ingredients together, including your color. There's no reason to wait and hold it off on the side. And then you add in your liquid ingredients and you stir it up. I do recommend wearing a mask until you have all of your liquid ingredients combined in there so that you don't have that fine powder going right into your lungs. But after it's kind of mixed together, it's not flying.

So you can take it off. You can take it off. Hello, scopers. Claudia is cheating on you. Claudia went to the other side.

She didn't went to the other side. And we have lopez. Hello, Lopez. Lopez is saying hey, girl. Hi, young lady.

Very good to have you here. That's a lie. That's a lie. The devil is a lie. It rains in southern California whenever it wants to.

Kind of a pain. I know, but they made the song and it kind of works whenever I see.

All right, let's get this one mixed. So somebody said what is this? This is a bubble scoop. And for any of you that are just joining because one of these fabulous people have shared the broadcast, hosted a watch party. If somebody is hosting a watch party but you are not on my page, unfortunately, I can't see your comments, but I am saying hello to you at the watch party.

I'm zakia of I make handmade bath and body products. No dust help clean your lungs. I don't think so. Not colonel.

Not colonel. You ain't been getting no sleep. You haven't gotten any sleep. No, I'm just kidding. I make all of these products live.

This is actually something that I'll be taking to a soap makers gathering as part of a product swap. And so we're using this video so that they are able to see how to make it themselves if they would like to. I'm giving them the recipe. And now here is the vizio to go along with it. This is going to be an absolutely beautiful orange shade.

Lol nocturnal, no sweet. Get it? But all right, here's the orange. Let me bring it up. Alexa because it's not working.

Caroline, that's the orange that we will be using. I can't really see how it's coming across.

Well, hopefully you guys got it. I just woke up. See what I'm saying? I knew you haven't been getting much sleep.

And what you do is you just make sure that it's all very well mixed because the worst thing to do is to get to the bottom and recognize that it has not been mixed. It is a very pretty color. I do love this orange as well. It's going to be a very vibrant little cupcake singing the sugar and I'll show you once we get them all done how we are going to package them. Let me tell you another thing about aunt Carol, another thing about her.

I'll tell her projects that I'm working on and then she shows up at the house with things to make it even better. So she came back and she said, oh, since that looks like ice cream, here's some spoons. To go with the ice cream. Just brings it all together. She's like, I don't know if this is enough, but I said it's enough.

Make it enough. How many of you have seen Friday? And the mom sends them to the store and he was like, this ain't enough. She was like, make it enough. Make it work.

It's telling me that there are more comments but it's not scrolling. So are you guys still able to see and hear me? Okay, if you are, put in a number one. If you are not able to see and hear me, let me know and I will reset.

And I only do one set of gloves per batch and then I'm also going to go ahead and reuse our purple.

I've seen it, kayte, pretty color. Cute. I don't want the purple in there, though. I can have it on the outside. Good on the outside.

Not on the inside. Good on the outside.

It'll give us some extra bubbles. You guys can hear and see miss Francis with the one, nocturnal with the one, lopez with the one telling me that there's 49 people. 12345 are participating. Mike, check 1212.

Mike check 1212. Here's our microphone, 1212. All right. So you guys can hear and see, which is great to know. Loud and clear.

Lol forgot to turn fell back on after church and did not get the notice. Can you think about making me a jar of orange foaming whipped soap next month? What would the scent be for orange? Because we already have mango, but I'm taking it because you've asked for something special. You don't necessarily want mango.

You want the scent of orange. Is that what I'm picking up from you? Is that what you're trying to tell me? Laura like, yeah, I know that's what you bought, but that looks like sherbert what I should have did was save some of the purple. I'm going to save some of the orange and I'll do a couple of them in a mishmash.

You like them? She won't come on camera, but I'm going to show you. She just walked by and she was like, ready. Tangerine showing. Please check in with hearts maybe.

No, I think they don't do it anymore in periscope. They used to. Not anymore. But look, you're here, I'm here. You want an orange scent?

Orange would be orange, not colonel, I know you said you just woke up, but she's messed with me.

All right, here is so would you want this color, this shade of orange? This is such a vibrant, vibrant orange.

And I'll try and move a little bit faster. We shouldn't still be doing these. I don't know. How long have we been live? Somebody let me know.

We got our 1st 32 done. We're on to the second batch now. We did get ice cream today. Mr. Salski was in the neighborhood.

Cage was like, I heard the music, mom. I know he's coming. 36 minutes. Okay, so one a minute. A little slow.

Well, not necessarily, because you had to mix it maybe about two a minute. Is cucumber a good seller? Cucumber melon, the foaming whipped soap? I don't have any of that, so I would say yes. Cucumber, melon, luscious, lemon and mango.

Tango. All of them do really well with the foaming whip soap. All of them do pretty good.

Oh, Terry, I sent you an extra special something something. It's not even available on the site yet, and it was your bonus. You should feel very special. I was honored to have your order. So I was like, oh, she's getting this one, she's getting this one.

Almost got it, guys. I'm kind of getting into a groove. This is like when I was using that. Whatever you like. That color is good.

Exciting. She's excited.

So you do like this color. Orange. Very bright.

I can do this kind of stuff for the summer. Bye, Carol. Thank you. You don't have to whisper. They know you're here.

She said, good night, everybody.

I actually have a cucumber hydrosaul over there from my sill. Thank you, Aunt Carol. I'll see you later. Love you, too.

She was standing over there just watching. I don't know how long she was there just doing this. How rude can you be? But she was, like, watching what I was doing. She was looking at the camera.

That's how you do it. Oh, she missed the guy. She's gone. I'm going to pretend like she's here. They say good night.

Nocturnal is saying, good morning, Miss T. How are you? Very good to see you, my dear. We are making our bubble, bubble, bubble scoops. Bubble scoops.

What? Bubble, bubble, bubble scoops? Yeah. She's not here anymore. I know.

It's such a delay. It's such a delay. I wish that it was, like, instantaneous, but because we're streaming to multiple platforms, it does take a minute for me to say that she's leaving for you guys to hear it and then for your responses to come back. But I will show her that you all said bye on Carol. All right, so here is these here, and we'll go ahead and get those in.

So I don't know if I told everybody, please explain those. So they're very similar to bath bombs, except they're a little bit smaller, and they're not as explosive. They're a little more relaxing. You're going to get bubbles in the tub. It's also going to change the color of your water.

And because I make these with a combination of shea butter and cocoa butter, it's also very conditioning to the skin.

And so these I will be taking to a soap makers gathering where we do a product swap, where they get a chance to see a recipe, they get the product, and then they also well, this isn't typical, but me and my live streaming, I do everything live, right? I'm going to give them this video so they can watch and see just how simple it is to make it. So we're kind of flying through these on a Sunday. All of you that are here for Super Soap Sunday, you're cool. How many per order?

It comes in a four set, so you get the purple. Well, purple is actually a lilac scent. The orange, which is a peaches and cream, it comes in green apple and then it also comes in black cherry. So it's purple, orange, green, and red. And I'll show you as soon as I get the red one done.

And they're not on the website yet because I didn't think anybody well, I should have known better. I should have known better. But all four of them, and you get them in a little ice cream soup or a little cupcake scooper. This is very cool. Nice.

You're back. Did you fall asleep? But I'm fine. Get it? Did you fall asleep?

Nachon. Oh, that one didn't want to come out. That one was like, no, ma'am. So we take it and we put it back. Now these will be hard.

Tomorrow I'll show you the green ones so you can see because they're the ones that we did already.

Did I miss it? No, not yet. I love yellow. The orange looks like cheese balls on camera. I agree.

I see what you see and I agree. Definitely looks like cheese balls. I do like yellow. But the problem is when we talked about doing these in yellow, people started saying, well, maybe it would look like somebody peed in the tub. Normally when you see yellow bathwater, it's not a good thing.

It's not a great thing either. This is a cookie dough super that I'm using. You had to look at something real quick. But I'm here now. Sakea.

I am here. So we're getting to the bottom. I might be able to get about three more. Now you can do these in any size super that you have. If you have an ice cream super, you would just get larger ones.

Oh, darn it. You guys didn't let me do it. Well, when I do my own, I'll do those unicorn multicolor. These were going to just keep them standard and you just want to fill it so that it pops out really nicely and then you kind of mush it in. Mush it is a word.

True woman of God. How are you? I always have to say your name that way. Always. All right, so the recipe that I'm sharing, 1234-5678, 910, 1112, 3343-6212-3456-7893-1.

All right, so we're getting pretty consistent at the 31. When we did the green apple, we got 30. Lilac, we got 32, and peaches and cream, we got 31, which means I'm over filling and under filling, maybe one or two or gold. I am talking about your birthday. You going to buy me something?

Yes. Yellow is my favorite color. Orange happens to be my second favorite color. But thank you. Good.

How are you? I'm doing very well. Okay, guys, you're going to wrap this thing up with our black cherist. Black cherist. Oh, yeah.

So I'm putting my mask on again because we have these very little I need a new set of gloves. We have these very small particles. And for all of you that are just now joining, maybe you are watching on the replay or somebody has shared I can talk. Somebody has shared the broadcast. Number one.

Welcome. We like to affectionately call ourselves Soap Nation around these parts. And you are welcome to be a part of Soap Nation. Yellow is your favorite color. Okay, guys, I want to know now.

I want to know what is your favorite color? How many? Yellow. Red, green, orange, blue, yellow, purple, pink. So many colors.

Is a rainbow. Yeah, yellow. I don't know. There's something about it. It's very calming and soothing.

The hard part is I only get your notifications when I'm on my phone, but then when I just looked over there, it's showing me that you guys are placing orders. Why is that? Just saw it off. Mask all clean them long. Purple.

Okay. Ollie loves purple. Dre loves purple. Lopez, look at that. Right back to back to back.

They weren't copying off of each other. So this bubble soup would be for you purple, folks. Yellow is a happy color. You guys keep saying happy. I feel like I should sing because I can't tell.

Alexa, shade. Silent one. We have another. Purple is winning. Yellow.

Mama Zara with the yellow. And she even brought the sunflowers and the sunshine and the thumbs up. My favorite color is teal. Blue and red are pretty equal for Miss Francis. Red nocturnal.

I'm about to send you to night night. You want to go night night in terms of Kevin Hart? Laura says black and blue. Mr. Round of applause.

Hello there. I got to give you your obligatory round of applause. How are you? Good to see you. Purple queen unite.

There were some gentlemen who said it. I saw Lopez. He said purple was his thing. So queens and kings. Hey, Alandra, CIS, how are you?

All of you that are okay, green, hence why your name happens to be sweet pee in a room without a roof.

Your mall doesn't have a roof. Is that what you were saying about the tornado? Terry, where are you?

Is this supposed to be tornado season right now? I don't know. Yes. Lopez said excuse me. I said I'm a purple person, too.

I'm going to move these down so that I'll be able to fit the red on here.

I like turquoise.

If I could punch you, I would because I know you're just saying it.

I might break a few of these up because as I'm looking at the purple and the orange together, they look really cute. What color would you get if you mix those, too anybody know? Richmond, Indiana? Last night it hit and I love gold. Well, my last name happens to be Ring gold.

Mad about me, though. But I do love Gold. If you mix yellow and orange, depending on how bright or dark they are, you do get a gold. Amber is also a cool color, too. Sorry, Lopez.

No, I really do, though. Lol all right, guys, we're on our last one. Not trying to make this thing all night because you know I will do it. So let's get this mixed. Now, what I will say this is more of a burgundy.

It's not really a red, but that's okay because we're using black cherry. So we do want a darker shade. I don't know. I hope it'll turn your bath water to brown. Would you rather see a yellow bathwater or a brown bathwater?

I don't know. It's a person, too. I don't want to see either. Yes. Teal and gold.

I just thought about it as I was mixing it up.

So it's the same process, guys. You mix up your dry and then you're going to add your liquid in. Ha ha. Lol you got jokes. Nobody you would rather see a yellow.

Here's what you guys are saying. Like, ma'am, we're going to stick with the yellow now. Yellow is fine. Yellow will work. If we have to choose between the two any day.

We want to see yellow bash water. Our mom is yellow to her name is goldie. Living my life like the golden living.

No choosing that. Terry said I don't want any parts of it. No parts. All right. Mask is falling is doing nothing down there.

You want to keep it over your nose. We don't want to clean our lungs as my kernel is encouraging us to do blue dryer buzz. They wanted me to do a blueberry and I know we could have did a blueberry lemonade in honor of you, but I don't have a blueberry scent. But that was number one on the list when we did our poll in the other broadcast in terms of what color should we do and what scent blueberry was the one. I don't have blueberry.

I think it's time for me to go ahead and buy some blueberry scent.

That's pretty well mixed. I got some chunks in there that has set the longest. I'm going to use my hands to kind of break those up. Say, did I change my glove?

You have a song for everything. It's a sickness. I'm telling you. It is really a sickness. As soon as somebody will say something and I think sometimes people on this broadcast do it.

Blueberry would be red. Really? Not blue. Wait a minute. This isn't even on my nose.

Now it's on my eyes. I can't read your comments and I can't see what I'm making.

Not a blueberry fan, but many are.

Well, I have a BlackBerry bush growing out back. I'm so excited. No berries have come on it yet. I don't know how long it takes.

I do have rosemary, lemon. Rosemary is amazing. I have a song for everything. Blueberry mix, red lemonade.

Well, seeing as though this red is much more burgundy, well, maybe let's not count it out. As soon as I add the oils as well as the scent, it should darken it up just to paste just the smid. Blueberry.

Blueberry muffins. When I was in high school four years ago, I used to and I swear, the first person, they say something shady, I can't block you, but doesn't let me block me. But I used to get a blueberry muffin every morning on my way to school. Every single morning, I would have them put it on the grill, put some butter on it, and that was my breakfast until like eleven something or whenever lunch flow.

Four years. So you're comedian. I still just don't mix up purple and orange. You're going to get burnt sea and a brown. Four years, flip Phone, I know you ate soccer trash and your name is Flip Phone.

Let me pull you up. See what I'm saying? Your name happened to be Flip Phone. You know how old flip phones are? I wouldn't know because they were before my time.

Oh, my gosh. I love blueberry muffins from Dunkin Donuts. I love Dunkin Donuts. America runs on Duncan, in case you guys don't know. All right, so let's go ahead and get our color added with our scent and our oils.

Bring on mix it up, mix it up. Mix it up. This actually works out very well. Oh, my gosh. This is a very strong oh, it smells like koolaid.

Oh, footphone. I still got you up there, but thank you. My first paying job, Dunking Donuts. You know, when I was in high school four years ago, McDonald's wouldn't hire me. I could not get a job at McDonald's.

I applied to four different McDonalds around the city, and they would not hire me. I was like, what is the problem? I was like, no, ma'am, this ain't for you. This ain't what you'll want. I was like, okay, I'm not American.

Thanks for the shout out. You are very welcome. Flip phone. But you weren't the only one. But I just found it interesting that your name is Flip Phone, and it gave me something to put up on the screen.

All right, so we're still trying to get this mixed up to our I like to say it's a consistency between that of Playdoh and cookie dough. So it's not as dry as Playdoh, but it's not as sticky as cookie dough.

You were too intelligent. I wish. Do I need to commute flip phone? No, no, no. We're just joking.

Look Dreya. You're like the beehive and Beyonce. Hold on. No. Flip phone is Poo Poo.

I had made a not so funny joke that I was in high school four years ago. And about 16 people were like, four years ago. You're joking, right? But it was just a name flip phone. So I just picked on them or her.

Sounds like sand when I'm mixing it or the description that I'm giving it.

Well, it kind of is. It has a mixture. Well, it's not sand now. This would be closer to the wet sand that people describe when you're trying to tell people how to make bad bombs. This is what I think of when I think of wet sand.

I'll bring it up and I'll show you this color too.

It smells really good. I don't need my mask anymore. Smells incredible. Oh, when I mix it. So this is what I think of when I think of wet sand.

You see how that's like molded together and sticking? Let me get it in the right chain. If I ever make a bath farm and it's that consistency, it will not stick ever. But for this, we definitely want it at this consistency.

And this is also why I have muscle. Looks like ground beef. Oh, boy. That's not what we were after. It is definitely a burgundy shade.

I'm going to say the color isn't coming up correctly. All right, where is our thing? I'm a digger tool. I should just use the other one.

I'm getting the orange off.

You filling it with the ground beef. I mean the bubble scoop. You have an old phone.

Is it a flip phone or is it just like an iPhone four?

Yeah, that kind of looks like a meatball. Not going to lie to you. I think the color is good for black cherry. It works. If I had did like a strawberry, this would not work.

But because the scent is a black cherry, I think it'll work out really well. You have a heck no. And team android, baby. Not up in here. We are team iPhone every day, all day.

Okay, here's our next poll. If you are team iPhone, put in iPhone. If you are team Android, put in Android. Meaning the phone that you have. Not that you're a fan girl or a fanboy.

What are you rocking with? What is it? Right. I agree. Orange one looks like Cheeto puff.

Somebody says that koolaid black cherry is fake. Yes. This smells like cherry koolaid.

I wish. iPhone. Here we go. Yes. Gold chains.

Ollie with the iPhone. Followed up by Ollie with another iPhone. I am also team iPhone, by the way, for now. I love them, but it's expensive. It is a little high.

Dreya going over there to the dockside. Not kernel. Come in, flex and hold on. Yes. I'm iPhone, but it's Pin X Max.

That is the highest one that they have. It's the biggest one that they have and not Colonel. I knew I liked you because I have the same phone. I have the same phone. Somebody else just sleep?

No, that's just a Facebook mess. What did I miss? Mariam? We are doing our bubble scoops. This is the last one of the four packs that we were re working on.

I probably do need to do a reset. It's been a while. I'm going to a conference. Not a conference, a gathering. And we are all well, not everybody.

30 of us have signed up to do a product swap, which means I will have 29 products to sample. And this one is a little bit different because we also share our recipe and the way that we make it. So I am using this broadcast to supplement the recipe that I'm giving them so that they will be able to see how to make them if they love them, which they will hopefully. Got to love the face scanner. Yeah.

Feel like I'm in the matrix every time I open my phone. Ms. Francis has an eight plus. Looks like a fruit salad. Fruit salad.

Wait till I bring those green over. That green is absolutely beautiful. How do you use bubble scoops? Similar to a bath bomb, but they work better if you just allow the water to run on your hand when you're running a bath. And then it will color the water and it'll also create a bubble bag at the same time.

And then it also scents the water in the various scents. So we are using a lilac scent for the purple. We're using a peaches and cream scent for the orange, a black cherry for our meat lovers up there, burgenzi. And then we also have green apple in spoiler alert, green. We have green apple in a green shade over there.

So they're going to come in a little cupcake container with all four. My room is green, like a dark green. I have a bath bomb idea for you, but I'll pay them you with it. Thanks. I can't wait to see it.

I can't wait to see it. And these work really well as party favor because especially shower. Anything that has shower at the end, people are thinking about being in the bathroom. So you can do bubble scoops, you can do shower steamers, you can do bath bombs, you can do bath truffles. And the nice thing about them is they condition the water.

So the water I said the other day, moisturize. But the water is a really nice consistency. You said, I grew lemon bomb. All this rain, I have a ton. Any ideas as beauty things?

I don't know. I just started growing my herbs in the back. I am definitely not a gardener, an herbalist or any of that. So I would say you can do lemon Balm tea. Not really beauty.

If you make soap, you could actually use that lemon Balm tea in your lye solution. So instead of just having water, you can do a lemon Balm tea. You can probably do a facial serum. Lotion is just a mixture of oil and water in the emulsifier. So you could use the lemon balm that way.

I'm only using lemon balm for hydrosol. You can drink lemon balm tea. White ones would great as pineapple or coconut.

Yeah, you could. White would be really good. Either one of those tents would be good. Ms. Francis and ali, are you saying can you drink it or are you saying that something else you can do with lemon?

Bomb, the lady who gave me the rosebuds, she drinks lemon balm tea every day.

Everything goes in.

All right. These soups are getting the best of me now. It's been an hour, but we will be done. They look so nice. Thank you, Dreya.

Mohito is going wild, too. Now. You know me and my mom moment. I thought you were thinking drink. Talking about the drinks.

Mojito eating pineapple sherbert. Yeah. When I make these for the shop, they're probably going to be multicolored and not just one color. Well, got to be careful. You mix the colors wrong, you'll end up with a brown tub.

Not your tub, but your water would be brown. All right. I'm trying to count them to see how many more I have left. It's just never ending. I got scoops coming out of my ears at this point.

Come on.

Just pick the leaves and seat them in hot water. I thought we were doing an all nighter. Only you nocturnal. Only you would think we were doing an all nighter. I got to get up pretty early tomorrow.

Early enough.

But this is one thing that will be out of the way that I can focus on other things.

Those are I love these. I'm glad that I picked these colors. I think if I had a second do over, I might have done a white one or a yellow one or white just to give it an essence of ice cream.

How many do I have? If I have 30, I'm going to try and do a big one.

Earn it. 29. One short. Whoo. Almost had it.

You keep yourself very busy. I do. All night. Long night. I know.

Allie, you were like, is she going to do it? Is she going to do it? Yes. And you guys are probably wondering, if you're on the periscope side, why did you just break out into song? Because ali over there encouraging the madness.

Ali is encouraging the madness.

Okay. I don't have enough to do a big one, so I'll just fill the scoop up. So 31 should be the amount that you are able to get with my recipe if you are attending the gathering. I'm not doing it. What did you cook tonight, z?

Why did you assume I cooked Dreya? I ain't cooked nothing. No, ma'am.

I cooked bubble soup. Bubble bubble soup. I wanted to go to my favorite restaurant, which all of you know, hon dynasty and get my crawfish, but we ran out of time. I dance with you. Oh, that was terrible.

Oh, yeah, that one's not going to work. That one is just a clock. Put it in. All right, so we have got our lilac. We have got our peaches and cream black cherry.

And I have to show you the green apple. But we got to give you you guys are leaving. Like Ma'am taking too long. Let me give you guys a video. Let me see which one.

No, I don't really know which one it is. How about I come here? Oh, I'll do it this way. Boom, boom.

None of them are the ones I want. How about that?

That was not the video that I thought it was going to be. Not the video I thought it was going to be. Let me go grab the green apple. Just act like nothing just happened there. That was a huge mistake.

Wrong here.

All right, so here's what the green ones look like. That would be green. And so here we go.

All right. So here are the green ones. Not sure if you got she ordered take out her dress. Luckily you or do cook. I have to cook.

Streaming with kids. Yeah, but they're not streaming with me right now. All right. So they become kind of hard. And so basically what it'll be is a four pack of the bubble soup.

So there will be the burgundy one, the purple one, the orange one, and the green one. So it'll come like that. The color is horrible. The color is pretty terrible. So it'll come like that.

And then I'll put a little plastic dew Hickey shrink wrap bag. And then Carol with her awesomeness, brought me a little spoon. So it's going to look like ice cream, right? How fancy. How fantastical.

It is a mint green. No, I can't see it. It is mint green. And it's like a Sherbert Herbert kind of situation. I might need to put something down at the bottom to kind of lift it up so you can see all of the colors.

I do need to take them out because they have not hardened yet, but they should be nice and hard by tomorrow. And then Nyla's home on summer break. You know what that means. Here are the little purple or the little spoons right here. So that's going to look like an ice cream scoop.

And it'll just be sitting right on the top of the bag. Laura, it didn't come across, but I'm just going to put you up there so you know I'm not ignoring you. Doesn't say anything. It just says, Laura, put in a spacebar sand. We got it.

I can't make them glow in the dark. I don't think glow in the dark is skin safe. Glow in the dark color is not typically skin safe. We have gotten quite a few orders tonight. If you are brand new to me, I need to let you know that I only ship out on Saturdays and Sundays.

So if you place an order today or up to Friday, I ship your orders out every single Saturday. It does come priority mail, so you should get it within two business days from when I ship it. Maybe if you put the spoon in it, it will lift it up. Shredded paper and crankle paper. Yeah, shredded paper.

I couldn't say the word, but that's what I'm thinking. I think the spoon is just decoration for the outside. They don't really use it, but I'll try a couple of iterations. I don't want to mess with them and disturb them right now until they get hard. Like the green apple one.

So that's the color of the green. Yeah. Laura, your comments aren't coming up. Hopefully you could see it. So it's all four colors and we made them all.

It took us an hour and twelve minutes to not only make the batter, but then to also make all of the bubble scoops. And we got about 92, three, four, five. We got 96 bubbles soups in an hour. So it's a really fun and easy project to do. We will be having these available on natural

If you are interested in ordering anything that you see either above my head or when I make it, head over to and you can place an order there. If you don't see what you want, you can be like several people in here and call me up on my hotline like zakia. I want this one, that one and that one. Can you make it? And the answer is yes.

Okay. Something the size of a small marshmallow.

This is larger than a marshmallow. I don't know how to describe it. Here's my finger. So it comes to my second knuckle.

All right, everybody, it has been fun, but now I got a run because it's time for me to go to bed. Special is not here, but all of you, thank you for sharing, for liking, for following subscribing, telling a friend, telling another friend. All of you that have placed orders, I know the time that you've placed your order. And if you order while we are live, I do send you a bonus. I can't see the teddy bear.

It's coming up blank. This is what I see. Laura so it probably can't show a gift on my computer or a gift jiffy. Is it gift or gift? It doesn't even want to get rid of it.

I mean, in the bottom of the cupboard.

To order any lady's soap and products, you can head over to I'm not in a hurry. No, yours is on this way. You should have yours in two days, my dear. All right, I got bubblesuit juice all over.

Have a good night, guys. Thank you so much for joining me. And now we are going going to no, we're not. I'm just going to say bye bye, guys.

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