Best Ingredients for Herbal Lip Balm

There are many ingredients that can go into making herbal lip balm. And not every ingredient works well together. In fact, sometimes certain combinations will cause your lip balm to fail miserably. Too much beeswax and it will be too hard to get out of the container. If you use too much oil it will be too runny. 

Lip balms are great because they’re inexpensive and easy to make. They’re also very effective at keeping lips moisturized throughout the day. However, most lip balms contain petroleum jelly, which isn’t exactly healthy for your skin. Instead of petroleum jelly, try making your own herbal lip balm using natural ingredients. Here are some suggestions:

1) Calendula Flowers – Calendula flowers are popularly used in cosmetics due to their healing properties. They’re packed full of vitamins C and A, plus minerals like iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, manganese, and potassium.

2) Yarrow – is loaded with flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants that fight off free radicals.

3) Shea Butter – This is the perfect base ingredient for lip balm. Shea butter is rich in vitamin E, which helps keep skin soft and supple. Plus, it’s naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory.

4) Sweet Almond Oil is packed with vitamin E and its moisturizing properties can help soothe your skin 

5) Vitamin E Oil –  is another excellent antioxidant. It’s especially beneficial for dry, cracked lips.

6) Beeswax – Beeswax is a fantastic emollient that keeps your lips smooth and hydrated. It also protects them from harmful UV rays.

Visit my shopper site for links to where to get the herbal supplies and ingredients.

Watch the live video for a walk through of how we infuse the herbs and use it to make Lip Balm. I’m working on a Free herbal skin care recipe book, if you’d like access once it’s published subscribe to our newsletter. You will be the first to get it. 

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Hello, everybody. My name is Zakia Ringgold. Thank you for joining me in yet another live stream. This stream is all about making our herbal infused lip balm.

On our last stream, I was telling you how we went to a soap makers gathering and we got a lot of goodies, and I got boxes, and I need to fill those boxes up for an event that's coming up in October. So what we're going to do on this stream is show you how I go about making herbal infused lip balm. It's a very simple process. I'm going to show you how we actually infuse the calendula, which is still sitting right here. Now, hopefully we have enough.

I need about 500 grams of the herbal infusion, and if I don't have that, I'm going to supplement it with a little bit more jojoba oil. There's nothing wrong with using a little bit of jojoba oil on the skin. And so actually, if we don't have enough with this infusion, then I'll just supplement it with that. We're also going to be using some Baraka shea butter. We also got a box of herbs from baraka, and we may have some time to do an unboxing of that on this broadcast.

Well, hello there, Laura. Good to see you. All of you that are watching on YouTube, super chats have just been enabled. So send me a super chat just so I can see how that goes. And let me give Laura right there a round of applause.

Wait a minute, let's unuse that. Let's go ahead and give Laura a round of applause. Again. Laura has been an immeasurable part of Soap nation. Her and her sister all the way in California have been along with me, I think since about 2016.

So number one, thank you for watching. Number two, I forgot I got to pull you guys up on here because when I stream on the book, they don't actually show me those comments as they are coming up. So let me open up my Facebook folks over here so you guys don't think I ignore you while I'm live streaming. There we go. I'll pull you up and mute myself, and then that way I'll be able to see comments if they come up on the Facebook side.

We also have Gail checking in. Hello there, Gail. Where are you watching from? I don't think I've seen you live before, but welcome to the stream. And if you have any questions for me while we are going, I will be sure to answer that.

I have already put our beeswax into the container there because beeswax takes quite a bit of time to actually melt down. And so what we're going to do on this stream is kind of walk you through the process. We have some really cute lip balm containers. Can you guys see that? So they have a little flower on there.

They have a mirror inside. And then they also have the space for the actual lip balm. We are going to be doing a fruity combination with the lip balm. It's going to be a combination of both apple and lemon. So I don't know what we're going to call it, but it's going to smell good, and people are going to like having it on their skin, particularly on this lips.

I was tempted to call this stream winter is Coming. So get them chat lips under order. So what I'm going to do, since the beeswax what we did was we poured a container full of beeswax into our double boiler. From there, what we're going to and I just wanted to have that there for show so you can see what the ingredients are. Three Rivers, California 6 Miles Of Sequoia well, hello there, Benita.

Long time no see. Very happy to see you again. I'm going to go ahead and slowly add the shea butter into the beeswax there, and then that's going to continue to melt down. I should have put it in even smaller chunks. The smaller the chunks are, the easier it is to melt down.

So I'm going to just use my little spatula here and get that broken into just a couple of smaller pieces just so it's easier to melt a belt. But we have some California folks. Bonita, where are you from?

I always forget. All right, so while that's melting, let's talk about this infusion. What we did was we filled this jar here with olive oil and jojoba oil. To that we added our calendula leaves. Now, in order to strain that out, you do need like a cheese cloth or an herb press.

It's not really an herb press. It's more of a potato press. But I use it as an herb press to try and get all of those essential goodies out of the infused oil into our strained container. So the first thing I do is I let this sit typically in the sun for about four, sometimes five, sometimes six weeks. I always have some type of an infusion going.

You look fat. Let me pull your comment up there, Ms. Gail, first of all, thank you, my dear. I'm going to take that compliment, and I'm also going to show you all the other two infusions that I have had going for quite a while. So this one is spearmint, and as you can see, it has turned the olive oil this beautiful shade of green.

So all of those qualities of the herbs are now in the oil. Hi, Ebony. Good to see you on the Facebook side. And then this one also has peppermint and spearmint. I use these infusions for our beard bombs and our beard oils.

And I'm also going to be using it for a heel die, because I'm telling you guys, I've been talking about my feet, but I'm not being smart or anything, but it's just what it is. It is what it is. Thank you all for the hearts and the thumbs up on the Facebook site. And then I also see bonita said she's from Rhode Island. So we have California, Rhode Island, and I know we have plenty of people from Philadelphia watching and all of you folks on Twitter.

Hello. Good to see you. So now what we're going to do is we're going to try and strain out the olive oil from the calendula. I have had all kinds of issues when it comes to straining my infusions. Normally the cheesecloth that I use will fall down into the container.

We don't necessarily want that. So I now put a rubber band to try and hold it in place. So let's see what we get. You get what you get and you don't get upset. Well, I'm going to tell you what, I'm getting a bit of a mess every time.

Hello from North Carolina. Baby love. Her name is Baby Love. Guys, I'm not just singing because I want to sing, but that's where she's from. Hello there.

Welcome to the broadcast. Now let's talk about this potato press or herb press. This one that I have actually had several different strainers on there. I always go with the smallest one because that then allows me to press the herbs down into there. So as you can see, we're not getting the remainder of the herbs, but we're getting all of the oils down here in the bottom and the herbs are remaining on top on the cheesecloth.

So what I'm going to do here is I'm just going to put that there and I'm just going to grab these herbs from the top there because once we get a good amount, what we'll do is we'll then press those into this container here. So let's pour again. And what the cheesecloth does is it really helps to strain those herbs from the infusion so that we're only getting the oil down at the bottom. And of course, I put that right in front so you guys can't see. But that's what's happening there.

And then I just take the dried herb leaves because I don't want to waste the oil. I'm going to press those out in just a minute and then we'll pour again. Now, what would be better is if I use my little spatula to try and just get the oil. And it is a long process. It doesn't have to be this long.

I mean, you could not strain it this way. But I kind of like to see about how much oil I have, which is really good.

And now we'll keep on pouring and I am getting a little bit of spillage, a little bit of spillage going on. And I'm going to need my scale in just a minute to see if I have all of the oil that I need. Let me grab a paper towel and our scale.

And I don't know if you guys, some of you are connected with me on Facebook. We have started our cream soap that we did at the gathering, which is pretty cool. I added too much water to it. It's a little bit too runny, but I know what the problem is and what I did wrong, so I'll be able to fix that in the next batch. This first batch will go out to family because it's the same recipe.

It'll just be a little more runny than what I would want to sell. Hey, Shanta. Good to see you. So we have that kind of straining through, so it'll slowly go through. Can you guys see all that?

Yeah, very pretty.

I'm trying to get as much of the liquid portion out as I can without making too much of a mess. I'm succeeding kind of, sort of a little bit that way. I can't tell who's watching on the Facebook side, but hello, Facebook. Hello, Twitter. Hello, YouTube.

Hello, Twitch. Very good to see all of you. If you are new to me, I am Zakia of We are doing an herbalinfusion lip balm. So typically in order to make a lip balm, you just need a beeswax and an oil.

However, we don't just do a beeswax and an oil. We infused the oil with an herb. The herb that we're using is calendula. We also had a little bit of yarrow in here because of the properties of yarrow. So we infused that for about five weeks.

And basically what that was, was we put maybe about that much. Half of the container was filled with the herbs, and the remainder we covered with olive oil and jojoba oil. So those have been infusing for about that five week period. And now we're at the point where we need to strain it out so that we can make our lip balms. Our lip balms are going to be a part of a little gift box that we're making for an in person event that we are attending.

And so you're getting a chance to see how I go about making that. Aside from these oils, we are adding shea butter to the beeswax. Then we're also going to be adding some vitamin E oil just to punch it up a notch. And so hopefully you guys will enjoy getting a chance to see how I go about this process of infusing it so that you get, like, a really high quality lip balm. It's not just some oils that have been melted together.

It's kind of done in a way where it's like, okay, what are the benefits of all of these things? And we put them onto your skin. Now, the only question I have is, how much oil do I have in there? Because I need about 500 grams of it for this recipe. And so over here, what you're seeing is the shea butter, and the beeswax are melting down on our double boiler.

Before the stream, what I did was I started to melt down the beeswax because it does take quite a while. I could have put it in the microwave. It feels like you know how you can bake something in the oven or you can bake something not really. You can nuke something in the microwave. It just feels better and tastes better when you do it the slow way.

If you have the time, definitely go ahead and do it in a double boiler. And if you don't, I don't think it will hurt anything to put it in the microwave, but that's just a preference I have. And it does take longer doing it this way. I'm not going to tell you. Oh, yeah, it'll be done in minutes.

That is not true. It kind of does what it won't while it's melting down.

And I'm just taking my spatula here and just breaking up the shea butter as well as the beeswax that are in this container here. Also trying to buy myself some time to let that calendula infuse oil over there seep through.

And then I transfer over here, grab that bud and come on back. I think at this point we'll be able to start using the herb press.

Yeah, because I'll bring this up closer. There is a lot of oil. There is a lot of oils and a lot of oil in my hand. There's a lot of oil still left in here. So I'm going to press that out with the herb press to try and get as much as I possibly can out of there.

Waste not, won't not. That's what they say. Waste not, wanting not. That's what they say. All right, so what else do I have on the table while I'm waiting for that to go through?

I have my kitchen scale. That's what we're going to use to make sure that we have I believe this recipe calls for 500 no, I need 540 grams of the infusion here. So I'm going to use the scale to make sure I have that. Then I do have my little oil press. I don't know if you saw how small these containers are for the lip balm, but this is going to help me to not have a million a billion spills going on as I am filling these lip line containers.

Now, I have 20 of those, but in case I have more, I do have these little pencils that are lip balm containers. So we're going to use the remainder of whatever mixture we have to make that the pencils came up, which is good. All right, so let's go ahead and try our press here, see what we get.

Oh, you guys can't see it, but it's coming out slowly.

Put that back. Let me grab another jar.

[00:16:08.530] for all of that. That will be a long time pressing. A long time pressing. And the reason I like these Mason jars in particular, do you see how that herb press that's right on top of there, make life a whole lot easier. So then what I'll do is I'll just take a handful of the calendula, a couple of handfuls and then I'll just press it down.

And I need one more container. I need one more container to put the fence herbs in.

How many of those jars do you have? Way too many. When Colbert first started, I got every Mason jars because I just knew that I was going to hunker down and have to do everything here at home. Not the case. And I'm not going to throw these calendula buds out.

I will actually use them in soap. So there's a lot of things that you can do and it makes it a very sustainable product. I actually got a calendula calming bar of soap at the soap makers give a gathering. So that gave me some inspiration. And I see you guys are still giving hearts over there on the Facebook side.

So thank you for that. Or the thumbs up. It looks like I might have spilled some of that oil out and now we'll press it one more time and I give it about a couple of minutes of a press. Couple of seconds. Here we go.

To talk about minutes, girl, you ain't pressing nothing for no minutes. I'll do it again.

Now what I'd like to do is kind of have that go back that way so I can get these cylinder leaves out.

And again, not throwing those away. We will use those in an actual soup.

This is where it's getting juicy. Caroline.

I wish you guys could hear it. I don't know that it's picking up that quickly. And now we'll push down again.

I don't know that we got 500 grams. We're going to see them.

Oh, no, it didn't cut off. I thought it cut off.

And then again we'll pull this out one more again for good measure.

I wish you guys could smell it. It does give a really nice smell.

And see that all would be wasted if I didn't have this press and you could press more. I don't have that much arm or finger strength to do it, but you could get more. Probably about another 2oz.

Now if I wasn't streaming, I would have some music going, but because they got this whole copyright thing, I ain't trying to get in that kind of trouble.

Do you guys think we're going to actually have 500 grams? I don't know. I hope so.

Great arm workout. I enjoy what you're doing. I am at the beginning stages of soap making with many more lovely products in the future. Keep going. Thanks, baby.

Love. Great arm. But it's not really working out my arms. Laura it's more of my hands. And I always get nervous when I'm doing anything with my because we need them and carpal tunnel is such a big deal.

So I always get worried when I'm doing that kind of motion, I guess you could say. All right, now I'm going to pour the rest of this, and I'm okay with just a few of the herbs getting in there. It's not going to kill anything, but look, we got about the same amount from what we pressed versus what we poured. I think we got more from what we pressed, so that's why I never just say, oh, I'm done. I got them all out, and then get rid of the herbs.

Got more dishes than I want it, but you know what adds. All right, so I'm going to take this off. This is the cheesecloth that we use. Just going to toss that over to the side and grab a paper towel.

Okay, place your bets. How many of you think we have enough of the infused olive oil and jojoba oil? How many think we have enough between these two jars? Do we have 500 grams? Looking a little light.

All right, let me plug our scale in without turning power off.

We need that to stay hot.

It's almost there, but I still have some clumps in there, and we need it completely melted in order for it to be a bomb. I do you think it will be enough? Laura is always positive. Like, you got it, girl. Don't even worry about it.

All right, let's see. We need a bowl.

Let's see what we get. I'm just going to set this on grams.

Yeah, we're going to have enough because that's already at 200. 300, 400.

I think I said I need 500, but I'm going to take it to 520.

We're at 506, 513, 521. We went over by one, but, you know, who's counting? All right, so that is our infused herbal olive oil. To that, I'm going to add our vitamin E oil. What did my recipe say here?

Oh, shoot. I was supposed to have 540. All right. And then I'll do 20 grams of the vitamin E. And vitamin E is a very thick oil.

It almost has, like, a watered down honey appearance. That's how dark it is. I'm coming in late. Hey, herbal root woman. How are you doing?

Did you infuse your oils using heat, or I let it sit out for five weeks? Good question. I let it sit out. The only reason I didn't do it over here because I didn't need it really quickly. So I was just kind of preparing because I knew I was going to make it.

Like, I have my peppermint and my eucalyptus. They've been infusing forever, so it's time for them to come out. But I never got around to making the beard oil, so they've kind of been waiting for me. I'm waiting for it, that kind of situation. All right, so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to go ahead and add the infused oil into our double boiler over here.

This isn't the best double boiler, because I'll show you it in a minute, but I would rather the second pot be sitting right over top of the boiling water, but instead, it's on, like, this little strainer thing. So it takes a little while longer. You can kind of sort of see the steam from here. I don't think that it's coming across on the video, but now I'm just scraping both the infused oil and the vitamin E into this mixture here. Now, this would be 100% natural, but we are going to add a flavor oil to it.

We're doing a combination, I believe, of lemon drop and apple. And it's a sweetened fragrance oil, because you know how when you put a lip balm on I won't say that I was a kid, but I know some kids actually lick their lips. So this is actually a sweetened flavor, and it's edible. Who wants to lift b blacks off their lips? Some people do.

So that's what we have going there, if my part would stay hot enough. So that's the only reason I don't like this particular double boiler, is it does take forever for this stuff to melt down together.

But it's getting there. And if you're not live streaming, it's highly therapeutic to kind of watch it melt down, scraping the sides where the beeswax tries to stick to making sure all that shea butter melts down.

And this right here, if you didn't want to add any flavor or no scent to it, no color, you could use this as a lip balm just as it is, once it cools, it'll get to a really nice consistency. But we actually need to get it into the containers, which is why I have this little oil. It's a confectionary funnel is what we have here, and that will allow me to get precise amounts into the lip balm containers. So I'm just going to give this a bit of a stir. I wish there was, like, a fast forward way that we could do this on live, but typically, if this was prerecorded, this is where it would have been sped up for all of you.

And if I feel like it's taking too long, which I'm starting to feel like, what I'm going to do is I'm going to pop this sucker in the microwave, even though I said just a minute ago we like to let it cook for a little while because it just tastes better, feels better. But I'm about to break that rule because nobody got that kind of time. Nobody has got that kind of time.

I know what I can do. Since we're talking about our herbal infusions, our friends over at Barraca Shea Butter have sent us another package of herbs that I really want to show you all. There's coconut powder, there's lemongrass, all from Donna, which is really, really exciting. I know I've shown you all the hibiscus before, so I'm going to give this one final stir, and then I'm going to show you what we've got from them. And I'm also going to clean up this mess that I've got going on.

What you're saying, Laura? I used peppermint essential oils to get rid of spiders. Oh, cool. Thank you. You're welcome.

I've heard that about peppermint essential oil. I've never tried it, but I have heard that it's a great way to get rid of insects. But now that I know you've tried it, I'm going to say Laura said right on the broadcast, that's exactly what I'm telling people. Laura told me that you can use that to get rid of spiders. Now, what I'll do, because I have now used this, is I'm going to put a label on the top of this with today's date and the herbs that I used in here.

We used a combination of calendula and yarrow for this infusion. If you're doing infusions for the first time, please don't let anyone try and make it seem like it's rocket science or only a chemist could do it. Really what an infusion is doing is it's extracting the herbal properties out of the herbs into the oil. Generally, what you want to do is you want to make sure that your herbs are covered with a light oil. It doesn't have to be olive oil.

It can be almond oil, avocado oil, grapes. I wouldn't necessarily use grapeseed oil, and that's only because grapeseed oil has a very short shelf life, which means that you won't be able to use the oil for very long because the shelf life is about six months for grapeseed oil. So what I'll do is, once this broadcast is over, I will put a label right here on the top of this lid, indicating that this is an infusion with jojoba oil, olive oil, calendula, and yarrow. And I'll put today's date on it, and I would typically put, like, the expiration date of two years, but I'm not going to do that because there's no way that's going to make it for two years. I'll use that in a soap and probably going to use it in our calendar illusion.

And then this was our herb press that we use. This really helps to get that extra oil that was trapped around the herbs. So if you don't have yourself an herb press, this is a really good idea to get one.

And then, of course, we use our shea butter, and this is what we use to measure out our calendula. Do not toss your herbs. Do not toss your herbs, especially if it's like a calendula. Calendula can be used to color your soap naturally. You can use the flowers to decorate the tops of your soap.

So if you are someone who has some infusion, try and use it until the last drop. There's no reason to get rid of it.

Buddy, you're looking like Microwave City in a minute. It's taking a little too long. All right, so I'm going to go ahead and show you all the herbs that we got from Baraka. Shea butter. Yes.

I will need the scale. Oh, no, I'll use the pipette. The last thing we're going to add to it is the sweetened flavor oil.

Okay. I'm not sure who's still washing. I can't tell. But I'll see comments and all of that on the replay. All right, so let's grab our box.

Oh, goodness. These came in last week. I just didn't get a chance to show you all, but these are some new products that Baraka is carrying. Now, I will tell you, I have never used this one or there's two of them I've never used. So I'm excited to try this one.

Here is a coconut powder. So I think it's the inside of the coconut dried to a powder state. This might be really good.

I want you to be able to see that what that texture is, I'm sure. Let me see. Let's open it up. Last time I tried their coconut oil, when you open it, it smells like real coconuts are in the jar. So what do we got?

This is edible. This has to be edible. Excellent source of fiber and protein. Traditionally harvested in remote northern Ghana communities. No additives, fillers or sweeteners.

Wild harvested and hand collected. Natural taste. Now, as to not destroy it by putting my finger in there, I'm going to grab a little spatula, give it a taste. We're not getting it all over. Oh, yeah.

Tastes like coconut chips. So this might not make it to skincare. I could see sprinkling this in like a smoothie over a salad. But it's a coconut powder, so I'm really excited about trying that one. We also got ourselves some moringa powder.

I've seen so many demonstrations of soap making with moringa powder and all the claims that people make about it. But it has that beautiful green color which will turn the soap green. And it says, excellent source of antioxidant and antiinflammatory. Again, harvested in gyna communities. No additive.

Wild harvested. Natural taste. Don't know that. I'm going to change it to that one, but that's what we got there with the moringa powder. We also got some pepper powder.

Now, I don't think this is the same as chili powder, but you can also add chili powder into your solves, and then that helps with pain. So again, excellent source. Wild harvested. And look at the color on that. What else do we got, Johnny?

We had some it looks like finely grained ginger powder. I'm going to smell this and you see. I didn't smell that pepper.

Oh, that smells good. That smells really good. So our herbal journey is just getting started. We also got ourselves some lemongrass powder. I think my number three selling soap is the lemongrass soap with the lemongrass essential oil.

So this is what it looks like in the bag there. I don't know if you can see. I'm hoping.

It's, like, sealed, but you can see the consistency of it. It's a finely drained lemongrass. Let's see, as soon as I opened the bag, I could smell the lemongrass. Now, that might be good in a tea. That might be good in a tea.

And one thing about some herbs, from some places, you never know if it's fresh. The smell is one of the first ways that you can tell if something is fresh for sure. Yummy on the powders. Right, we got two more things in here. Turmeric powder.

We love turmeric for all of its benefits and all of the great things that it does. And I'm also going to be using Turmeric and tea. So we have the tea, of course, we can have the turmeric and orange soap that we made, but then we can also use Turmeric for naturally coloring the soap. So there's a lot of uses of that one. And then last but not least, shut up and keep on talking.

Caroline. We got ourselves some shae oil. Now, we all know about shade. I have never seen shea oil. Never, ever have I seen it.

All right, so I want to actually feel this.

Well, I don't know how that would be processed. I'm going to have to call the owner and say, how in the world do you make shea oil? Because if it was just shea butter melted, it would get solid again. Right. But this isn't solid again.

It's still liquid form. So that's pretty exciting.

You see me keep peeking over here like I'm trying to buy you some time, trying to keep you out that microwave, but you just don't want to do it. It has, like that really not even a soft nutty. It smells like shape.

Put the little lid on it here, I'll show you all the consistency. Look at that.

Melts right into the skin. You might not even need to do anything with that. You could just use that as is. That feels really nice. Laura says, Can I put some on my oatmeal and coconut and the ginger oatmeal?

That would be a good idea.

I like that. So these are the new powders. I think there's more. I think there are more. So we got the coconut powder.

I'll put it on this side there. So we got the coconut powder, the meringue powder. Moringa powder. Not meringue. Meringue and moringa are two different things.

We got moringa powder. We also got the turmeric powder, the ginger powder, pepper powder, the shea oil, which is like, genius. And then we also got the lemongrass powder. So I'm really excited to try some of these and try and come up with some formula. It's always fun to formulate with different ingredients as you get them.

So I'm excited about trying those. I'm going to put this over here, sir. And of course, it's a star because it's misbehaving. Right. You, sir, are going into the microwave.

We're like, almost there. Even the handle isn't even hot. I can touch it here. I'll pull it out so you all can see what was gone.

So that's how much it has melted so far. There's so, so much more that we need for it to do in terms of melting. I'm going to fix that there. I'm going to pop this baby in the microwave. Normally they say 32nd burst.

We're going for three minutes. We're going for a straight 30 minutes to get this thing.

My microwave is on the print too, so it may not make it to it. And I just got some kind of a notification on the YouTube side. All right, so I'll put that on there, and then I'm going to pull our containers over, because what we want to do is be prepared to get them into their containers. So what I did was hopefully that's coming up on the screen. These are the individual lip balm containers that we'll be using.

And they're different colors. Really cute. And then they have a mirror on the inside, and they have this little piece there, and then they close down like that. Now I have to use different ones, because what I just did was put my thinking fingers in there. So I've already sanitized these, so I'm not going to do the same thing.

I'm going to go ahead and turn this off so I don't burn myself. Unknowingly and unplug it. I can't move it because this base is actually pretty hot. Now, this little doohickey here, gladson. What this does is it allows me to get an exact pour into each one of the containers.

Now, what I think I want to do no, that's the right one, because it has two other little spouts on the side. So if you want more to come out at a time or less to come out, there are two additional spouts that you can use to switch them out. This gives me minimal, minimal mess when it comes to trying to get my oils in such a small opening. Can we order from them? Yes, you can go to

I'll put a link under the video for you. Tell them live soap. School sent you? You'll get 15% off your order. All right.

That baby is mounted, and now it's too hard to get a punch.

I'm going to use a Target bag so that Max needs to go out.

Max needs to go to the party. That's what that is. So we got to hurry up and wrap this thing up so it's now melted. Guys, I'm using this Target thing so I don't burn my hands. Now we got to get a new bachelor, new gloves.

I waste a lot of gloves. And I was telling another soap maker, she was like, how do you keep account for your cost? Always account for even the gloves and what it is, because you'll start to improve your production time if you're accounting for that kind of stuff. All right, new spatula. Just give her a nice little stir.

Where's my pipette? I said pipette. Where are you?

Ask and ye shall receive. All right, so we're going to give it I want to say 5 ML is what we're adding in here.

That would be three of the apple.

And I am a proponent of making sure a lid goes back on to what you take it off of.

Yeah. Shay oil. Gail. I mean, it makes sense that there would be a shade oil, but we always hear about butter, butter, butter. All right, so now we're going to add just two more of the lemon to this, just to sweeten it up a bit.

You know me. I start there. Let's see what we got.

Not enough. It's not enough.

But you didn't stir it. Yeah, but I should smell something.

One more to apple.

The apple is almost gone, so I guess that's the one I've been using the most.

All right, if that's not enough, in the words of Smokey's Mama, make it enough.

All right, so now that we have that, we're going to go ahead and pour it into our confectionery.

And now it's not too hot to the touch.

And then from there, what we do come over here.

I don't know who was the genius. Look at me. Not me.

That one's kind of crooked.

Oh, it's dripping.

We got a little bit of a drippy situation. Hold on. Now, hopefully you all were able to see as I poured those in, it went really quickly. So I'm going to do this site here.

No, I'm not, because it got too hot.

If that happens, I'm going to put it right on this hot water down here and let it melt back down. So what this will do is that will melt it because these weight started to get hard at the bottom. So let's find one. It's already starting to solidify. And this will just be a nice, cute little lip balm to go into the box.

So the box will have just little things that people can try. It's inexpensive for them, and it's like, oh, I like this, or I don't like that. But that way they're not getting these huge items that they're never going to use. Zakia would love for you to do a bid on all your equipment in your studio. It is time to do that one because I think I have everything kind of squared away.

There's two more pieces of equipment that are coming. I just got a monster of a shower press machine. I will turn the camera for you all to see that over there. This here is actually a shower steamer press. It will allow me to press about five shower steamers at a time, and it'll also put my logo inside of there.

We haven't even talked about upstairs in the office, but I think that would be a really good broadcast to kind of like, just walk you around all of the goodies that we have going on in here. So, yeah, I'd be happy to do that. Did it actually show you? I couldn't see what you all were seeing, but hopefully you were able to see that machine over there. So that's what we have for the herbal lip balm.

The idea is you want to be able to infuse your herbs. First of all, knowing the properties of those herbs and why you're infusing them. Don't get overwhelmed by the terms. It really doesn't take a whole lot. And see, that's another reason why I have kind of held off on doing, like, a studio tour, because it can be overwhelming to see all of that stuff and think you have to get all the things.

When you're making an infusion, the only thing that you need are your oils, your herbs, and a mason jar. I am clean extra, and it's like, oh, well, I got to have an herb press. I got to have this, I got to have that. I got to have a confectionery funnel. You don't necessarily need all of those things.

I just like them because it kind of enhances the process. It kind of makes it feel more like an art form when I'm doing it, instead of just, oh, I'm just mixing this thing up with a particular oil. But, yeah, I will do a complete studio tour. I think that would be fun. Maybe it'll show me some things I can get rid of or why I actually have some stuff.

My favorite part of the soap studio is in this corner over here. It has my still for making hydrosols. It has my crockpots, my KitchenAid, my electro press, which is an individual bath bomb mold, my wax melter for candle making, my electric kettle. So all of the equipment kind of stuff is over there in that corner. And then I have these cabinets.

There's two cabinets that are full of herbs as well as my sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. And it also has clays and salts down there. I'm kind of giving you a talk through instead of a walk through, but this will help me to plan for when we do the walk through. Behind me is my pride and joy in terms of my books that I've written and then things that I always need when I'm making products. So there would be my spatulas.

A little saying here that says, Be the maker. Not sure if that it does come up on the screen. My gloves. I turn around and get a pair of gloves at least three times per broadcast. I have soap cutters up here.

I have my log splitter. I have a Target bag on the shelf below that. There are pictures for measuring out the live solutions, mixing bowls, and then a ton of regular loaf molds. I have three of those, £30.

You guys have seen me use this. I have three of these 30 pound slab molds, and then I have five. Don't judge me of these seven and a half pound slat mold, which I actually need to be making some soapless right about now. This is a built in cabinet. That is some very old liquid soap.

When we first moved into the soap studio, I made that liquid soap thinking that I was just going to have a bar of liquid soap where people could be going to live streams and tell me, Zakia, mix your tumeric with your ginger or your plane with your you see, I never got very far with it.

It has the one liquid soap in that one. This is our merch, right? So we have our live soap school water bottles. There's a sign here that says, there's no business like soap business. The interesting thing about that is it's NaOH.

That's how it's spelled. 50 points to anyone who knows why that matters or what NaOH is. I don't know how many soap makers I have on here, but NaOH is the chemical symbol for sodium hydroxide. So it's kind of like tongue in cheek. There's no sodium hydroxide business like soap business.

That's what that says. Then these are just some bars of soap that had seized in the pot. I can actually use them, but the condos like art, so I have them up there. Then there's the white saying false. We have all of the colorants that we use.

A ton of fragrances here. Alexa is hanging out a little bit lower. And then over there on that side sorry, I don't know that one. I know, Alexa. My bad.

This is a lie tank for mixing up lie. Right next to that, we have two tanks. One of them holds just palm oil, and the other one is a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil for when I'm master batching my recipes. And so there's a lot of stuff in here that I haven't shown you, like, on that side. But I will do a proper video tour.

It'll be pre recorded, and then I'll load it to YouTube, because if I'm doing it live, I kind of get off track quite a bit very easily. And then we miss all of that. So that's what we have. I will figure out what the DeJesus I did. Oh, now it's working.

It just got little stolen. All right, let me grab paper towel so I can at least finish the ones we have, guys.

So if it ever gets clogged or anything like that, just put it in some hot water so that it can unclog itself and you can finish with your lip balm.

I think I showed you these pencils, but I'm going to fill these pencils as well.

Somebody texted me.

Oh, that's overflowing.

I may have a hot Mess Express in here when I go to take them out.

Oh, shoot.

So as to not waste it.

Let's go get some jars.

These are good lip balm pins as well.

Yes, Gail is a soap maker. Sorry, Gail, I didn't see your answer, but you are correct.

50 golden bubbles for you, my dear.

We don't want water in there. Why don't we want water in there? I would need to dry that tip off beforehand. The reason we don't want water in there is because we don't have a preservative in there. And what would happen is bacteria could start to grow inside of the lip balm.

So when I say we don't want water in there, I didn't want water to drip in there before I started pouring the oil mixture in there. Hi, is that Lara's hair care? Welcome to the stream. I'm Zakia, and if any of you are just joining, touching on the replay, all of that, I'm Zakia of live soap school, where I actually live stream my process of growing a handmade business from my basement to my dining room to now my soap studio that is in the backyard of my house. We've now had this studio for a year.

In August, during the pandemic, we started doing virtual conferences and more digital marketing stuff, so I didn't get a chance to live stream as much with the soap making side of the house. Thank you. It's me, your sister. Hey, Cheryl. Hey, girl.

You already know them guys. That's my sister in love. Hey, Cheryl. All right, so let me get this off. So she already knows all that stuff.

All right, and now what we'll do is we'll go ahead and get our lip balm. So these will be larger lip balm containers, and we got to the last of it.

Now, I don't want to waste this. I'm just going to finish it off.

Now, a lot of you have ordered the herbal bomb. This is not the same as the herbal bomb. This is just a lip balm. Hey, everyone. Thank you.

It's me. Got it. Didn't miss that Facebook. I don't know what's going on over there on that side of the house. Like, it's kind of flashing, so I don't really know what's happening.

So I'm just going to fill the recipe as to not waste it. Now, notice I have not put the lid on anything. The reason I'm not putting the lid on anything is I don't want condensation, because remember, we're putting a very hot mixture in there, and if I put the lid on there, it's going to sweat, which is then going to cause that condensation, which is the water on top of the herbal mixture. And we don't want that. We don't want anything that's going to introduce any kind of bacteria.

And bacteria grows with water. So we want to wait until this is completely cooled before we go ahead and put the lid on it.

Now, if you don't have brand new containers, see how I'm taking this from the manufacturer? Like, out of the packaging, if you ever get packaging. Maybe it was Handmedown, second hand, anything like that. What you want to do is make sure that you sanitize it before you put any kind of products in there that can either be given a bad solution of bleach water, like one part bleach water to four parts water, or douse it with 70% alcohol, not 90%, because 90% or higher, it's not going to stay on there long enough. So give it that 70%.

The water won't allow it to evaporate so quickly and that's something that you can do. So just douse it with the alcohol, wipe it out and then you're good to go. I see two of these that I missed and then we'll go ahead. I don't know. Can you guys see when I pour that and I only pour it to the line on the inside, these are 1oz containers and that line is the marking.

That tells me 1oz. If I go beyond that line, I'm actually giving away quite a bit of product and I got to wrap this thing up. I got to call and get on there at 400.

Got a few more.

That should do it.

And that didn't do it. I think I have about two more.

I saw another one, maybe three. You guys can see on the inside, but on the inside, I can see that there's about that much that's still in there that needs to get forward.

Come on. I got one more, but there is nowhere to fall. This one isn't full.

Do you know how you sometimes don't go enough with some of them?

Yes. Empty. So, number one, thank you all for joining me. And no, I didn't let the dog out, so that's what we need to do immediately because his alarm did go off. But I'm Zakia of Live Soap School.

Thank you for keeping me company. I think it was me. I need to let the dog out. I can't see Gail. Gail was saying the great suggestion of giving you all a tour of the soap studio, which I will do in one of the next three broadcasts.

We will have a tour. I'm Zakia. Thank you all for being here. And now we have our lip balms ready to go for the show. Bye, everybody.

Can I get that one and finish?



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