Coconut Oil Could be considered one of those Holy Grail Ingredients in Handmade Soap

Have you heard all the rage about Coconut oil? You can’t find a soap oil chart that doesn’t discuss this one and for good reason. Coconut oil is nature’s gift to the handcrafted soap maker. It is truly versatile as it contributes to a hard bar of soap AND a big fluffy lather. Two things soap makers and customers love are a lasting bar of soap AND fluffy lather.

Where there is lather there is cleansing. So this ingredient works well in deep cleansing soap recipes as well as a lather booster in weaker recipes that only offer conditioning properties. Be aware that too much of this can be drying so you will need to work on balancing your recipe and starting with a maximum of 30% for your formulas until you find your sweet spot.

Holistic Benefits of Coconut Oil

I’ve even used straight this oil mixed with a little olive oil as a makeup remover. I was surprised to discover that this wonder oil has additional benefits from head to toe. The folks over at created an awesome graphic outlining the additional benefits.

Graphic of Coconut Oil Benefits

Oil Benefits

Benefits of Coconut Oil in Soap and on the Skin

  • Skin Bonus – It is packed with Micronutrients including calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, selenium, and vitamins C and E. Remember what we put on our skin goes into our skin so why not include coconut oil just for these skin bonuses alone?
  • Soap Properties – When you add coconut oil to your soap recipes with the right balance you can achieve some pretty incredible results. As mentioned earlier, this wonder oil will impart cleansing, moisture and a hard bar of soap.

Overall there isn’t much you can’t love about coconut oil in handmade soap recipes. The only question becomes how much you will add. Will you make a 100% bar or blend it with your favorite formulation to create something truly unique.

Additional Reading

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