Maple syrup gives it a strong lather, and Maine snow makes it pure

Source: You’ll find two unexpected ingredients in this soap – Portland Press Herald

As I was surfing the interwebs on our favorite topic of Handmade Soap, this article caught my attention.

Distilled Water in Natural Soap

How many times have we soapmakers heard the importance of using Distilled water to control the purity of our lye solution? Well this soapmaker decided to use pure SNOW in place of Distilled water.

I think it’s genius…pure genius! My only question is what happens when there is no snow??? Maybe she stockpiles it so she has a supply for the warmer months.

What do you use in Soap Recipes

Do you stick to the soaper cardinal rule of using only distilled water in your natural soap recipes? Or have you put your own twist on what is acceptable for your handmade bath and body creations?

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