Live Soap School teaches the knowledge and skills to successfully and confidently make your own natural soap in a supportive environment online. No matter where you are in the world you can take our courses. Our online courses are packed with easy to follow step by step instructions, video tutorials and printable tip sheets. All students are granted access to our Monthly Live Training Sessions and exclusive bonus training content.

But it is so much more than soap. Live Soap School teaches you to unlock your own unique creativity, express it in your bath and body creations and far beyond. Yes you will learn the foundation, science of soap making, how to make soap safely, needed equipment, ingredients, how to formulate and calculate your  recipes, hot process method, cold process techniques how to make bath treats and making your own creations. More importantly you will also discover why the art of making handcrafted soap is so much more than soap.

Join us and learn how to make your own soap to start a new hobby or even your own profitable bath and body business. Live Soap School has the program for you.

About Zakia Ringgold

Creator Of Live Soap School

About Zakia Ringgold

Creator Of Live Soap School

Teacher, Author Certified Soap Maker

My Story

Soap Making started out as a way for me to escape reality while exploring my own version of creativity. What started out as a hobby quickly transformed into a business with people from all over the world buying my handmade natural soap. What I discovered is the same soap my family had come to love, strangers loved even more. 

Thanks to the power of live streaming and social media, Natural Soap By Zakia was born with a growing fan base. I would broadcast live while making my soap and share the finished products on Social Media and people would come back for more and more and my nickname became SoapLadyZ.

I am now the owner of Natural Soap By Zakia where soap nation buys my handcrafted products and Creator of Live Soap School where I teach people around the world the art and science of soap making. I truly enjoy motivating and inspiring others to unlock their creativity through the craft of making soap. I firmly believe that soap making does not have to be hard and have created the New Soap Makers Cookbook series to help new soap makers discover the craft in a fun and easy to understand format. I am now a Certified Soap Maker and it is my pleasure to virtually meet you. 

Welcome to Live Soap School!


Zakia continues to teach students how to make handmade soap in Live Soap School as well as after school programs in Philadelphia and Delaware County. She regularly broadcasts live making handmade bath and body products to a worldwide audience on various Social Media platforms averaging 1500+ live viewers and countless replay viewers.

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Soap making allows me to share my gift of creativity with a huge audience while also inspiring others to chase their own unique dreams.

– SoapLadyz