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Live Soap School

Live Soap School offers soap making classes, cosmetic formulation and online business technology training programs to hobbyist and aspiring business owners in a supportive online community. No matter where you live you can learn how to make handmade skincare products in Live Soap School. Whether you are looking for a creative outlet or starting a homebased business we have the program for you to get started making your own natural products.

Online Community for Handmade Crafts

You can even turn your handmade hobby into a home based business with our technology training to get your homemade products selling online.

Join us in an online class or a local hands on workshop and discover the benefits of handmade skincare and why we are so much more than soap!

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My Story

My name is Zakia Ringgold and I am the founder of Live Soap School. Natural Soap crafting started out as a way for me, to escape reality while exploring my own version of creativity. What began as a hobby quickly transformed into a budding business with people from all over the world wanting to buy my handmade natural soap but… I didn’t know how to get it from my dining room, to an online store and ultimately shipped to their home.

There was no blueprint and I often found myself frustrated with the lack of resources or just flat out incorrect information. That’s when I decided to document my journey and created Live Soap School as an all inclusive resource for people just like me who want to make their own products and leverage the internet to start a business online.

My handmade soap has now shipped to over 15 countries and all over the United States. I have used my experience developing courses in the corporate space and converted my lessons learned building an online business into programs for my students in Live Soap School.

I truly enjoy motivating and inspiring others to unlock their creativity and am a certified soap maker, speaker, author and teacher who loves soap making and technology. Nice to virtually meet you!

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