Live Soap School is the first Handcrafted Natural Soap training program created LIVE on the air.  Zakia Ringgold (creator of Live Soap School) fell in love with live streaming and  “Goes-Live” on Periscope and Facebook making handcrafted natural soap for viewers and students all over the world. Increasingly viewers of her live broadcast would ask for one on one trainings and in-depth courses which resulted in the creation of Live Soap School.  Zakia combined her 15 years of experience developing online courses with her extensive knowledge and passion for soap making to create a complete program for people interested in learning how to make soap online, from the comfort of their own home at their own pace.

Live Soap School teaches the knowledge and skills to successfully and confidently make your own natural soap in a supportive environment online. No matter where you are in the world you can take our courses. Our online courses are packed with easy to follow step by step instructions, video tutorials and printable tip sheets. All students are granted access to our Monthly Live Training Sessions and exclusive bonus training content.

But it is so much more than soap. Live Soap School teaches you to unlock your own unique creativity, express it in your bath and body creations and far beyond. Yes you will learn the foundation, science of soap making, how to make soap safely, needed equipment, ingredients, how to formulate and calculate your  recipes, hot process method, cold process techniques how to make bath treats and making your own creations. More importantly you will also discover why the art of making handcrafted soap is so much more than soap.

Join us and learn how to make your own soap to start a new hobby or even your own profitable bath and body business. Live Soap School has the program for you.

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