3 Things to Consider When Making Candles

Have you ever wanted to make your own candles?

To my surprise, it’s not that difficult to make your own candles at home. There is something truly intoxicating about the scent filling your home and watching the dancing flame of the wick. After researching, reading up on all the online forums and attending a candle demo I decided to try my hand at it. Of Course we did it Live!

I had to decide on the wax, wick, color, fragrance and container. Let me tell you it’s a world all it’s own with an unlimited set of options and combinations. Some of my lessons from soap making served me very well in that I knew NOT to go overboard and to start small.

After gathering all of my supplies and ingredients I got right to it and made my first set of candles during a Live Broadcast. I’m far from an expert but here are 3 things that I learned from my first candles.

1. Temperature is very important

As you melt the wax the temperature will rise however this is not the temperature that you add your fragrance. If you add the fragrance at too high of a temperature you may not get a good scent throw. Also if you pour the wax into the containers at such a high temperature you may get warping or air bubbles. This is caused from the candle cooling and as it cools it expands and may retract from the jar. For this reason I will be pouring at a much lower temperature of about 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. A little goes a long way

This is true for both color and scent. Most fragrance manufacturers will have a recommended usage rate for use in your candles and you really want to adhere to these to avoid over-saturating the wax or creating a candle that doesn’t burn safely. Additionally take it easy with coloring for the candles 1 or 2 drops may look pretty muted but it will brighten as the wax cools.

3. Wicks come in many shapes and sizes

When you are selecting the wicks for your candles you have to consider the wax and the container you will be using. Some waxes will burn too hot or too cool. Just like the three little bears we are after the wick that is “just right” for our wax and container combination. This is still an area of trial and error for me but I will be sure to report back with my findings.

How did the candles turn out?

I understand the process, I now need to work on the artistry of it all. I will need to continue to experiment with my pour temperatures and find the right combination for my wax. I do really like the coconut wax and may play around with some soy wax in the near future.

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Until next time.

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