YouTube Things to Consider for a New Channel

What matters most on YouTube for beginners?

Many of you have followed my journey via live streaming for a little over three years. As the platforms continue to evolve I began wondering, why haven’t I taken advantage of the number 2 search engine YouTube. I mean I was already creating live videos on Twitter…How hard could it be? Not so fast.

The truth is Youtube has it’s own set of standards that live streaming does not. This includes:

  • Titles are a BIG DEAL on YouTube – It almost feels as if you need a marketing background or a good copyrighter on your team to make the content clickable. Coming from a live streaming world, hashtags ate titles for breakfast.
  • Tags help the algorithm – Tags are how you alert the bots on what your content is about. Many sneaky Youtubers used this to game the system in a sort of click bait and youtube got more sophisticated.  The jury is still out on whether or not it matters. I’ve been using them to help the bots understand what my content is about. I’ll check back in 90 days and let you know how that goes.
  • Thumbnails are Extremely Important – YouTube thumbnails are the images that viewers see to help them decide whether or not to click and watch your video. I swear all of the auto-generated images were a crap shoot at best. (mouth open, half-way looking or something completely opposite of the subject of a video). With Live Streaming your thumbnail is captured in the moment so if you are doing something a person finds interesting while scrolling, they will click.

Titles, Tags and Thumbnails Are Important for Beginners

With this baseline information, I started looking at all of my videos and slowly started incorporating better elements for each one to make my content clickable. I also began to whittle down the 105 videos to 60 total. These are my project over the next 30 days to at least get them to a baseline with appropriate titles, tags and thumbnails.

Here are some of my latest videos with updated titles, tags and thumbnails. Click the thumbnail to watch the video and let me know what you think of the updated thumbnails in the comments. And while you are there, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and help me with my 90 day YouTube challenge!

What’s Next on This YouTube Journey?

You can see some of my gear and tools for live streaming here. We haven’t even gotten to the content production, equipment, analytics and engagement. Be sure to check in next week for part 2 of my journey into YouTube. Click here to subscribe to my channel.

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