Video Making Lip Balms – Great Gifts for Teachers

In this Live Stream we had a special guest make her own lip balm as teacher gifts. Watch to see how Paige creates her own special treats for her kindergarten teacher. What makes this recipe so easy to follow is you simply measure the ingredients, melt them, add color...

Making Coco Shea Soap Live

In this live broadcast we are making cold process soap with Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter for perfect for Dry skin. Join in live and tell me what you think. Additional information Available at

Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives for Homemade Vegan Soap

Plant Milk for Your Plant Based Vegan Soap What is it Why is it beneficial and what’s causing the change:  Non-Dairy Alternatives – Top Plant Milks 1. Soy Milk – Most Common non-dairy alternative for...

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