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Handmade soap that has been created by hand. For its skin-care characteristics, they’re produced with vegetable oil and/or animal fats. Additives to soap are frequently used for their healing, exfoliating, and cosmetic effects.

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Live Soap School

Our moisturising organic natural soap formulations are painstakingly created to provide a gentle, skin-nourishing soap that lathers up beautifully and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, and radiantly healthy.

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Handmade Natural Soap

Lotion & Body Butter

Herbal Infusions & Teas


Platform, Tools, Equipment

Strategies and Planning to 

Livestream for business


Technology to start

and grow your handmade

business online


Get to know us

Live Soap School started as a way for me to share my craft of soap making while exploring digital technology. In the process, I discovered that I could blend my skills and talents to empower people around the world to start and grow home-based businesses with handmade soap, natural skincare, and teaching the skills to start and grow an online business.


Learn how to make
organic soap bars

Learn how to make soap at home in Live Soap School. Our virtual classes can be taken from anywhere in the world and you learn supplies to make soap, how to create your own recipes, how to make soap safely and what you need to start a soap business at home.

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Learn online

How to start your Online Business from home

Learn the tools and technology to start your own online business at home. If you make products at home and need help getting them online and sold, Live Soap School has the solution for you. Click below to download our Free Craft to Cash Workbook to jump-start your home-based business.

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Know more about us

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to raise the bar on economic opportunity for 1 million people through natural skincare, soap making, and digital technology. I KNOW…crazy RIGHT!
So, how do we get there?
Eliminate the biggest barriers to education: cost, time, and accessibility. Produce the most impactful content, while inspiring and leveraging media platforms, social networks, and distance-based learning tools.
Welcome to Live Soap School!

Attend the Virtual Soap Summit To Start and Grow Your Home-based Business

If you have ever wanted to make your own natural skincare at home or want to learn how to get your business online, attend the 2020 Virtual Soap Summit. This two-day online conference teaches you soap making, lotion making, candle making, online business, and more.


Programs Designed for Home Based Business

Soap Making Classes
Natural Skincare Courses
✓  Lotion Making Classes
Live Stream Training
Online Business Classes


Live Stream Success

Learn how to broadcast live on social media to start or grow your handmade business online. This two-part Bootcamp teaches you the most effective strategies, tools, and platforms to grow your business and brand with Live Streaming.

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