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Make your own Natural Skincare products with the New Soap Makers Cookbook Series

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Making Handmade soap from Scratch

Start a hobby or a new business. Learn how to use all natural ingredients to make your own handmade natural soap. Learn how to formulate your own recipes, colorants, scents and design natural soap.

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Melt and Pour Soap From Scratch Interview with Miss Cleo

Ever wanted to make your own melt and pour base from scratch? Now you can! With the Glycerine Soap Basemakers and the creator Cleo Anderson. In this video interview Miss Cleo offers her story, where to find recipes, tips for getting started and words of wisdom for new and experienced soap makers.

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Want a simple recipe to make your own African Black Soap Shampoo? This live stream video tutorial shows all the steps to make a clarifying shampoo with 4 ingredients.

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How do you package your soap? Is it something that causes you stress? Are you worried that it doesn't look professional enough. Listen to the latest episode for a different perspective on packaging.

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