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Make & Sell your own Handmade Soap at Home.

Learn how to make soap with our online classes. Go at your own pace and attend live sessions. Topics on Soap Making, Lotion, Online Business Technology and More.

Join us for a hands-on soap class in Philadelphia and Delaware county. Try something different, make soap, bath bombs, candles and more. Meet new people and enjoy your bath treats.

Our blog is packed with free tutorials and videos to give you step by step instructions to make your own natural skincare products at home. Explore the recipes and give them a try today.


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Learn How to Make Soap, Bath and Body Products

Soap making is a fantastic creative outlet and a great opportunity to start your own business at home. In Live Soap School we have online classes and local workshops in Philadelphia and Delaware County so you can make your own natural soap and skincare products from scratch!

Grow Your Business Online

Learn the systems you need to grow your business online. We have programs for websites, email marketing, social media and live streaming.

Online Business

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Live Soap School broadcasts live on all social media platforms demonstrating various processes and sharing lessons learned. Join us for our next Live Stream.

Sell Products online

Soap Making Books

Get started Making Soap with these books for beginners!

Soap Makers Cookbook Bundle

The New Soap Makers Cookbook Bundle

The ultimate bundle for new soap makers. Learn the supplies, ingredients, steps and recipes to make homemade soap with natural ingredients. This bundle includes all 3 books in the New Soap Makers Cookbook Series!

Soap Makers Cookbook

The New Soap Makers Cookbook - Ingredients for Success

Avoid some of the most common mistakes of New Soap Makers with Ingredients for Success.

Make Homemade plant based soap

The New Vegan Soap Cookbook - Making Plant Based Soap From Scratch 

Make your own natural soap using plant based ingredients with the New Vegan Soap Cookbook packed with over a dozen soap recipes and soap making tutorials to get started quickly.

More Than Soap

Live Soap School is so much more than soap! Our goal is to constantly learn, grow and share our journey along the way. Helping you to discover or rekindle your unique creative abilities. 

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