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Make your own Natural Skincare products with the New Soap Makers Cookbook Series

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Making Handmade soap from Scratch

Start a hobby or a new business. Learn how to use all natural ingredients to make your own handmade natural soap. Learn how to formulate your own recipes, colorants, scents and design natural soap.

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How to Grow Your Soap Business By Attending Conferences

Wondering how you can grow your own soap business? Consider attending industry conferences. As an attendee you can learn about new techniques, new vendors, new regulations, and build lasting friendships with other soap makers. Check out this post for my experience at the 2019 Pittsburgh Soap Makers Gathering.

Soap Making Conference – What to Expect as an Attendee

It’s that time of year where conferences are in full swing and that’s definitely the case for Soap Makers. The HSCG held it’s annual conference in Dallas Texas And it was amazing. Here are some reasons you may want to attend and what you can expect when you get there.

Understanding YouTube Analytics For Beginners

What analytics should YouTube newbies focus on? In this 90 day challenge we are taking a look at YouTube Analytics and what impacts watch time.

YouTube Things to Consider for a New Channel

If you are considering starting a youtube channel for your handmade business here are three things I am learning coming from a live stream world.

Cleo Anderson Releases the Cold Process Melt and Pour Soap Method

Learn how to make Clear Melt and Pour soap from scratch fast with Ms. Cleo Anderson. She has worked on a new method of cold process melt and pour. Check out our latest article to see how she is shaking up the soap industry with her latest discovery.

What is a Clean Beauty Product for Soap

Can my product be considered clean beauty? Handmade soap is typically labeled as natural or organic, check out some of the criteria to meet the clean beauty label.

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