Ready to make your own

soap at home, but don't

know how to get started? 

Learn how to make your own soap from scratch & how to create your own signature recipes without all the guesswork!


Our program is completely online so you can... 

Go at your own pace from the comfort of your home!

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Have you...

  • Spent hours and days searching Google, Youtube, Facebook Groups and online forums for information and guidance?
  • Searched for simple solutions to help you get started making soap only to get frustrated?
  • Been confused about conflicting information with regards to rules, ratios and more?
  • Felt scared or nervous to work with lye?
  • Collected countless ideas, fancy molds, exotic scents and soap making tools only for them to sit on your shelf not being used?

Do you want to?

  • Learn which ingredients work best and how to calculate the amount to use
  • Cut down on unnecessary costs in order to purchase the best quality ingredients that will create incredible soaps?
  • Gain access to a simple method that eliminates any guesswork?
  • Learn how to avoid common problems in soap-making?
  • Create your own signature recipes based on your unique skincare needs?

Are your ready to?

Receive simple, actionable steps to get you started on your soap making journey once and for all and get access to everything you need to know all in one place? Our program is for you. 

My name is Zakia Ringgold and I have taken all of my learning, failures, successes and hard work and put it all into one place for you so that YOU can be successful in creating your own handmade soap from scratch.

Like you, I wanted to create my own recipes based on my family’s skincare needs, but didn’t know which ingredients to use or even how to use a soap calculator. I couldn’t comprehend why it felt like I just didn't get it and why it was so difficult for me to understand. On my soap making journey, I have invested in many books, soap conferences, soap making seminars and countless hours of experimentation in my soap studio to understand which ingredients to use, how they best work together, what techniques work best and how to create beautiful, effective soaps.

Introduction to Soap Making

Introduction to Soap Making is for you …

In this hands-on self paced course, you will learn how to make natural, homemade soap from scratch, using the ingredients of your choice. Get all of the information you need to work safely and effectively with lye, oils, butters, fragrances and additives to make homemade natural soap. You will also learn how to create your own recipes and more to start a new hobby or your own natural skincare business.  Most importantly you will learn an easy to follow process to create your own unique signature soap recipes!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

We don't just give you access to over 20 modules we provide ongoing support so

that you can be confident and successful with your soap making.  

Step By Step Soap Making Instruction

Learn the ins and outs of making handmade soap from scratch. Our program has over 20 lessons covering how to make soap safely, supplies, ingredients, recipes and steps to make homemade soap without all the guesswork.

Access to our Exclusive Online Community

Collaborate with other students, ask questions and share your successes with others in our online community just for students. Attend office hours and get advice for troubleshooting common soap making issues and new techniques.


Learn how to create your own soap recipes based on your families skincare and your unique needs. Additionally you will learn how to use soap calculators to make your own signature creations.

What's inside the program?

Introduction to Soap Making has over 20 lessons complete with video tutorials, tip sheets, downloadable resources and optional quizzes to test your knowledge.


Section 1: Introduction to Soap Making

This section provides a basic foundation into the world of Soap Making. You will learn about the three primary methods to make soap, supplies and ingredients along with how to setup your workspace for the best soap making experience. 


Section 2: Making Soap Safely and Creating Lye Solutions

Learn important soap terms and how to work safely with lye. In this section you will get an in-depth overview of the types of lye, how to prepare a lye solution for soap making and how to use it in your handmade soap. 


Section 3: Ingredients and Recipe Formulation

Learn all of the important aspects of what makes each soap unique with an in-depth look at oils and butters. Additionally this section covers herbs, fragrance oils, essential oils and colorants to customize your soap creations. Finally this section teaches you how to formulate your own soap recipe based on your skin needs and how to use online soap recipe calculators.


Section 4: Step By Step Soap Making

This in-depth section provides a detailed overview of the 7 steps to make homemade soap from scratch. You will learn how to measure, mix, mold, cure your soap and more. You will also get a hands-on demonstration and explanation of common soap making issues and how to troubleshoot your batches at home. 


You also get these incredible bonuses for registering!

Our goal is for you to be successful and for this reason we include these additional bonuses as a thank you for joining our program and to support you in your soap making journey.  

Bonus 1
3 Month Access to Exclusive Online Community

One of the major perks of Live Soap School is our Online Community. This is where you can connect with other students & get feedback from other soap makers, post questions and share your successes with soap making

Bonus 2
Monthly Live Q&A

Join in for Live Q&A to ask questions. Additionally bonus trainings are added here for all registered students. 

Bonus 3
How to Make & Sell Soap ebook 

Get the answers to the top 50 questions on how to make and sell homemade soap. I want you to have a head start in your soap making journey so as a special bonus for signing up to this program you will get a free copy of the How to Make and Sell Soap ebook as thank you!

Course and Online Community

Access to all training content and Online Community!


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  • Immediate Start
  • Access to all training modules 
  • Access to Exclusive Members Only community
  • Invitation to join Office Hours

About The Course Instructor,
Zakia Ringgold

Zakia is a certified Soap Maker, Author, and Instructor. She stumbled across live streaming in 2015 and hasn't looked back. Out of a natural curiosity and love for technology she began to live stream while demonstrating her hobby of soap making. This turned out to be the launchpad for her two businesses Natural Soap By Zakia and Live Soap School, all from her dining room with a cellphone.  

Her handmade soap and skincare products have shipped to over 15 countries and all across the United  States. She has trained people from all over the world in her online academy Live Soap School.  Zakia has over 15 years in the Learning and Development field where she has built online and classroom training solutions for law firms, hospitals, non-profit and for-profit businesses. 

Zakia's goal is to share the art and science of soap making with people all over the world so they can discover their own unique talents and alchemy while taking care of their skin. 

Zakia Ringgold at Soap Conference

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with the program or the support after 7 days, I will offer you a full refund.

Take a week to explore the materials, join the group and experience the vibe of Live Soap School. If you find that it's not your thing submit a request for a no questions asked refund within 7 days. Due to the immediate access to this content, No refunds will be issued after 7 days of course enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Live Soap School?

Is this program all theory?

What if I'm not good at math or science?

Will you provide recipes?

Are supplies and ingredients included in the cost?

I don't live in the US, can I take this course? 

A Note From SoapLadyZ

I am honored to have you join us in Live Soap School. I created this program for people just like me who want to create their own soap at home without all the fluff. I look forward to seeing your creations and helping you discover why it's so much more than soap.

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Special offer! Enroll now and get all the BONUSES for FREE!

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